Friday, July 22, 2011

jesus shit!
the garden is going so crazy.
the tomato zone
look at that tomato patch! theres about a hundred thousand or so huge unripe tomatos hanging there...i am so tired of waiting for them to be ripe!
bigger than my palm, this dude was one of the first
they're way way bigger than the palm of my hand...i'm gonna make fried green tomatos soon again. i am so impatient. i have bacon in the fridge, JUST WAITING, for blt time.
bigger baby watermelon
the watermelons are watermeloning, a lot actually. if all goes well, i'll have at least three.
marina di chiogga squash
and this thing...this hideous thing, i have two of them, they're at least ten pounds. like huge ugly pumpkins or stupid sombreros, sort of.

ive been eating lots from the garden, greens, beans, squash, cucumbers...dottie ate ALL the strawberries. basil has been nice to have fresh, and if these damn carrots and tomatos would HURRY up i'd be very happy.

i went to wendy's the other night for dinner, shameful, but i was too tired to cook dinner and that was the only easy option. gross. at least i had good company!
at the drive in

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