Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ah, america's independence day weekend.
things kicked off saturday afternoon after work at the local duckpin bowling lane.
whole alley to ourselves
we basically had the whole place to ourselves...there was another couple bowling who left pretty soon after we arrived.

a bit into our first game, a band arrived and began setting up. they had four light panels, all kinds of other party lights, and some ridiculous mixer and the hands down, fanciest, neatest merch setup i've ever seen
the owner asked if it was time for EXTREEEEEME bowling, and obviously, we said yes.

the blacklights came on and the overheads went off.

it threw everyone off their game, but i had the fanciest bowling shoes ever and i wasn't gonna let it get me down.

crystal and i were scoring differently, which made things kind of funny. oops.
after a long first game, Stu was delcared the official winner
round one winnar
now, we'd been there a couple hours, we needed snacks. fries are always delicious, and these were REALLY GOOD.

the bowling lane owner, who is super friendly and nice, would come over and chat from time to time. he was very worried for the band, because he realized noone was coming to see them.

he jokingly asked if we could just stay all night so that the band didn't feel bad.
ha ha oooops.

well, we did stay all night!
the second game was much more serious. you only had 4 1/2 minutes to take your turn, and if you were in the restroom or beer line, TOO BAD!

the introduction of a new, fancy, christmas colored ball made things a lil wild.

but overall, it was a delightful time.
so delightful, in fact, that the next day i was stricken with a horrible migrane that crippled me. i slept in, threw up, sweated, died, ate a little breakfast, snuggled with dogs, and in general laid around all day in the coldest, darkest parts of the house.
the sunday that never existed, thats what it felt like.
monday i woke up pretty refreshed and launched into full garden working fervor.
More cucumbers than i really want to eat
i weeded, transplanted corn and basil and canteloupe, picked a TON of cucumbers and some summer squash, built a new bean trellace (i need to redo it, it kind of sucks, but the wood i found was too dry) and then after working in stupid humid hot heat, i lost all motivation. i couldn't even walk around.
i played with beetles that i kept finding

and watched the tour de france and played with dogs.
then i made huge hamburgers and the plan was to cook them on the fire pit, but it started POURING and lightninging and thundering like crazy. the radar looked terrifying.
fourth of july
so we sat on the side porch and used a little disposable grill thing to cook em.

it was a little terrifying at first, but after the flames died down it was much chiller.
Fourth of July
happy fourth of july!
we ate burgers that were too big for buns and then fell asleep. what a crazy party wild weekend! errr....

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