Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oh hey so i turned 30 last weekend, it was pretty quiet.
pat offered to have a pool party cookout at his house, naturally i said yes.
there was swimming, volcano firepit, lots of food and grilling, and throwing stars. also rachel passed out on james' moped, then fell over onto the ground and just decided to sleep there. it was very LOL, oops.

i didn't take any pictures, because i didn't feel like it.
instead i got TWO cakes, and ate some of each of them, and made two sets of wishes when i blew out candles.

in addition to a SUPERFANCYNEWWEBERCARBEURATOR from andrew, the garden gave me lots of cucumbers
Garden has officially started producing
and lots of baby cucumbers to come
pickle party!
and nature gave me this really cool female stag beetle

as well as a huge cicada emergence all weekend

and craigslist gave me two new free midcentury chairs
Booyeah craigslist freebies
so you know, in all the quietness, there was actually a lot going on.

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