Tuesday, June 21, 2011

man, this feels like the end of an era.
oh soda and yum yum
so many years ago i lived with my best friend in a glorious apartment, and got to enjoy her wonderful pugs wile i was there.
i'm so thankful for the time i got to spend with them, because yum yum passed away several years ago. a good amount of time has passed, so it doesn't feel as awful as it used to. its still hard to look back at photos of the past and see them hanging out with all of us, dogs and humans.

and then today, jenny had to put down soda.

i'm sad for her because she had to make the decision to lose a friend...its not an easy one, and even though she says she did him a big favor, i know its hurting her so much.
so i'm just gonna try to be happy, and remember that best friend dog pup for all of his awesome tricks. like how his stupid butthole poked out when he barked, and his silly snaggletooth, and the million text pictures of him i got from jenny sleeping, or not sleeping, with his tongue out. also, he would pee on things, it was funny to have folks over on the porch and warn them to not put their bike bags or beer cases on the ground, and sure enough he'd find someone who forgot or didn't listen and go pee on their stuff.
total comedy, all the time. you could always tell when jenny was home even before she was on the porch cause soda KNEW...he was up and at the door waiting. what a good dog.
we had lots of good times, and i'm gonna miss him.

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