Tuesday, June 7, 2011

man, i think i forgot to mention that the dog pool opened memorial day weekend. i was so busy with rally stuff, AND home stuff, that maybe i overlooked the 80 pictures of dogs i took? geeeeeeeez louise.
naturally, we filled the pool up before we let the dogs see it. then we got them all hyped and let them out!
we also had a present, a new basketball toy, that was almost instantly popped. dang.
the deflated ball was still very fun, and there was much tug of war and competing for ownership.
the ball even saw some pool action.
andrew tried to trick them into jumping into the pool, but can you believe that those tiny peanut brains were smarter than that? i cant.
egon got too hot after a while and decided to just chill.
after all the swimming, running, fighting over the ball, and general insanity, there was much squirming in the grass.
i think they had a pretty good day overall.
in honor of the holiday, and summer, and AMERICA, we hung up a flag. it felt funny, but everyone else in the neighborhood has one, so we justified it like that.
baby birds falling out of the trees
its been raining baby birds, which is sort of gross, but so far (i think) the dogs haven't gotten one which would be 10000000000000times grosser so really, its okay.
Starlite lava lamp from the 60s
i bought a lava lamp, first one ive ever owned, at the thrift store and i kind of love it. its a fancy metal one from the 60's, a "starlite" lava lamp, and really i'm transfixed. its stupid, i know, so don't tell anybody.
thursday daytime rally to-do list
in cleaning the kitchen, i was throwing away all the lists of to-dos i'd made for rally weekend, and two pages deep, was my thursday list. EXCEPT I WOULD NEVER KILL POCKET! she is my wonderful bird, and though many people are terrified of her, i love her. it was that damn Chance, adding things to my list that he'd like to happen.
Spitshined the yota today
i spitshined my truck in honor of the new door panel. i need to get the passenger window lift fixed before i install the passenger side panel, but that will happen maybe next weekend. don't worry, a bird dropped a turd on it right after i finished. i can't have nice things.
2 ferraris, a camaro, a harley, and another sportscar under a cover
i finally took a spy camera shot of my neighbor that i don't know but love, or his yard really. he has two ferraris, a camaro, a harley, and some other type of sportscar under a cover, but his fence is falling down and so is his house. its amazing, and i REALLY want to know what is under the cover. maybe someday if i keep riding my bike around the neighborhood i'll see him outside and ask him. i mean, if you keep your ferrari's uncovered what the shit would you keep covered!!!???!!!
as always, i was tremendously sad about going back to work after the weekend, i always want an extra day off. but when i walked in, my day was made a million times better.
the monkey lady came in with her capuchin!!!!
naturally, i was afraid to touch after seeing such movies as "outbreak" and "monkey shines", but after someone else petted him a whole lot i realized it was okay.
he was so cute, and made little chirping noises, and i instantly forgot how sad i was to be at work.

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