Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ah, jes, so yesterday was the infamous birrsssday of one Dottie June, the finest of all lady boston terriers i know.

the cake was made
dog cake for #1 lady puppy Dottie
and they were soooooo hyped. i was pretty hyped too.
blow out the candle!
happy birsday to you, happy burrsday to you, happy burtsdaaaay dear Dottie, haaappy birtsday to you!
blow out the candle!
good job!
good job!
guess who can't stand still
who wants cake?
guess who can't stand still
any takers? anyone? cake?
can't take the cake anticipation!
are you sure? just a small piece?
leaping up to see the cake, on top of the stove
this is what it looks like when a dog has lept into the air, high enough to peek onto the stove top. i would say yes, yes indeed, that maybe she would like some cake.
eat eat eat eat
the kale/carrot peanut butter frosted cake was gone so fast, she threw some up then ate it back down in the grossest, most ladylike (?) dog party style possible. ew.

it was awesome, and they are so food focused now. they keep sniffing everything, like maybe there's more cake to be had.
i slipped em a little bit on lunch break today, its pretty hilarious.

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