Saturday, June 4, 2011

ah i've been making a bunch of nature videos in the backard. can't i please quit my job and just film bugs with my iphone forever?

i think this was a big long horn beetle, but SUPER FAT PREGNANT. she was real mad, and had big face pinchers so i decided not to pick it up. about a minute after i stopped taking snaps, this catbird came and started to try to eat it. thing was, this beetle was about three inches long. big. no match for a mere bird. maybe a falcon, but not a regular bird.

these dudes are all over the yard. they're bess beetles, wood boring beetles that are SUPERCUTE and kind of look like little rhinos, i think. they have a funny horn on the top of their head, and if you pick em up, they make a high pitched squeaking noise. i can't get enough of em.

heres a really close up video of them. they're docile and cute. you can see the rotten tree stump where they all live in the background.

in other news, the garden is growing well. the birds massacred my pepper plants, why? i don't know.
the spaghetti squash is growing like crazy, so are the tomatos. i finally kicked the aphids on the tomato babies on the sideporch, so they can get planted this weekend. um, the beans are beaning like crazy! and the brusselsprouts are fighting caterpillars, which pisses me off. i've been spraying them with water and dish soap, it might be working.
garden garden garden!
andrew bought a sprinkler, so i can be lazy and water the garden real easy.

the dog pool opened at our house memorial day, and its been crazy time for dogs ever since. i have photos, about a million of them, to upload of the first swimming pool party we had. i love my dogs, whatever!

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