Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i think i am fully recovered from my five days off for rally party. it feels like it anyway, i cut off my party wristband tuesday morning and finally brushed my hair this morning, you would KNOT (HAA) believe how many tangles a lady can get in her hair after a week of swimming, moped riding, dancing wildly, and having the most fun ever.
i kicked off the weekend early thursday, waking up at the wee hours of dawn to finish making rally packs
Up early to make rally packs
i ran a million rally errands and got my house all ready for a bonfire later on.
dottie june
emilie from portland arrived early and hung out at the house while i did things.
then ace got here, and i knew the party was really starting.
the firepit was going and everyone was really excited.
we were out late, but it was super fun.
i woke up the next morning and meddled around the house, karen lee and her boyfriend steve were here and wanted to go see the best thriftstores rurchmond could offer, and who am i to tell them no? mike b and ace and emilie also wanted to see these things, so came with us.
we got some very special things to add to our rally packs.
i was supposed to go pickup travis from seattle at this place

but his train was terribly delayed. i enjoyed the view. when i was a little kid, my dad was an electrician for the governor, he worked in the governors mansion at the state capital, and one of his jobs was making sure that the clock at the train station always ran on time. he would always tell me stories about being up in the clocktower.
well finally the train arrived, and off we went!
well, sort of. my truck is notorious for feigning transmission problems, so would not go into reverse. such a gentleman, travis had to push the truck backwards so we could leave the train staion parking lot. welcome to reeechmond!
to mike b's house we went!
there was merch to be sold and rally packs to be given out, and secret party wristbands to be distributed.
it was exciting to see everyone, and meet new peoples.
more and more people arrived, and i was filled with joy.
after a while it was time for the friday night event, the showing of our secret and special move and the beautiful byrd theater.
first we went to seans house, and then to the byrd theater itself.

we are so lucky to have been able to have such a nice private event, very special vip only.

we showed all of our rally trailers before the main feature.
ladies trailer
then the lights dimmed fully
at the byrd theater
and it was time for the feature presentation.
you can watch it here.

Satan Since 2003 from carlos puga on Vimeo.

oh gosh, the laffs. after the video we went right next door to the bar that had a photobooth and dance music and danced our asses off.
elliot's sippy cup was confiscated and he was thrown out, oh shoot.
after the dance bar came the ropeswing, where it was too dark to take photos. i was tired, and rode home.
the next morning i woke up and did some yardwork. then i went to the park to meet everyone for the big ride.

some jerk from the hells satans flew all the way from california to rally with us
so naturally pat tacked him
everyone got to stand around in the very hot sun, hungover, and talk about things
like mopeds!
or not mopeds!
there were hugs
and jokes
and these guys were there

they were here last year too. sheesh.
and then came the CALL!
lets go!
and go we did!
the ride leaders lost the group, and we were broken into three groups. we went one way, and eventually found another group, who had located the other group! can you believe? so we all got together at the gas station and finished the ride.
on roads, off roads.
everyone rode down a grass hill, one by one, while everyone else watched. there was a lot of pressure.
then to the pipeline we went!
everyone got to see the city and its rapids.
and the wild animals that live there, in the woods.
everyone went home to wash the filthy gross river and filthy gross moped ride off their bodies before dressing back up to party party party.
i got to the party spot early and finaggled a few moving the port a potty, and getting a dj table, and then the PA system was unavailable. shit! don't worry, our friends are so good, we got another one right away. to entertain people before the dancing there was a big skateboard bowl.
you know, for skateboarding.
someone fell and broke out their teeth, but not someone i know.
and then the dancing started.
and it kept gong for a really long time. there was sporadic fireworks that made emilie pass out, but she was okay.
my goodness, i danced my butt off with all my favorite lady friends until my legs hurt and riding home hurt.
everyone made it home safe, there were DESIGNATED DRIVERS can you believe how smart our friends are?
it was very hot outside, everyone was sweating
this guy...
it was so deluxe to cool off in the pool
there were epic water battles
and long lasting friend hugs
and some turds.
and big jumps
elliot, mid air
and chance wore cathy's clothes
there was food to be grilled and eaten, and friends to um, lick.
so good
it was so fun
OH, AND HOW COULD I FORGET? it was chances birthday
in the honor of memorial day grilling, he got a special cookout cake
everybody got to try it
it looked pretty good
but i was full of hamburger and it was too hot to eat anything else
i spent a lot of time grilling burgers for everyone, and i was way too sweaty.

the pool party was winding down, and people were gearing up for the duckpin bowling adventure planned for that night.
so to the bowling alley we went!
we became quickly wrapped up in a boyz versus girls game, with extremely high stakes.

things were very tense.
even turbo was worried for his life, i mean look at those lips! so tight and worried! puckered into a nervous grimace!

i reassured him with someone elses arm, the girls had it on lock.
i love him!

we won the first one, in true nailbiter fasion, by five points or something.
the boyz were forced to give to us the ultimate pitcher of cold beer.
but they wanted revenge.

round two was started
things were very serious

and it ended with a win for the boyz, dag.

i can't remember what the stakes were exactly for that round, but maybe it was the special pin that sharon made.
after we got booted from the bowling alley, noone really wanted to go home quite yet. so i rode to helens with brett and some bandits. we had a beer or two, then rode back to the southside to ride riverside home in the dark. i always think it is very fun, its twisty and steep and winds all along the river.
made it home, and slept promptly.
monday was cuddle time for folks still in town.
food line
we had a more deluxe cookout and more swimming at patty p's pool.
babes and a baby
nicole and lee brought their new baby, and everyone wanted to have him.
Hells Satans baby Tucker!
he even went into the pool for the first time too! hey, did you wash that baby's fuckin feets?
it was much calmer that sunday pool party, so good to quietly catch up with friends.
the pool was less crowded too.
catch the dirty burnt bun in your mouth
there was a pretty serious game going on between lindsay and chance, called the "toe throw the burned dirty toast into your friends mouth if they can catch it"
catch the burnt dirty bun in your mouth
it was awesome but chance got sick the next day.
and then just like that, everyone left. the trend was over, and the rally was over too.
it was real fun, folks, but we have a lot of beauty sleep to catch.
until next time!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the excellent rally post. someday we will make it out to Richmond I hope, once we live in the US again.

emily said...

please do....i love showing folks around our city.