Tuesday, May 24, 2011

this weekend was labor intensive, i mean really, seriously.

work work worked all week, then saturday visited my mom to start working on a truck project. i need new door panels, mine are gone, and it is loud, so so very loud in the truck.
Truck as workshop
got some wallboard, and made patterns of my doorpanels.
making fast work of a simple project
then cut them out in about two seconds with a nice jigsaw.
i'll take more pics when i work on it again, i got so sidetracked.
went to an awesome cookout hangout party for alicias graduation, then came home oh so tired.
next morning got up bright n early and cleaned house. then went for a secret adventure.
into the woods
lets just say it involved carrying these bricks

up this hill
steep, slippery slope
and that it was hot and humid, my lard, so humid
i was sweating bullets. missiles even, you could say.
after that i couldn't move or use my hands, so i relaxed until i made a quick pasta salad to take to a birthday cookout.
it was great! so fun!
we sacrificed babies
baby at a cookout
and video chatted with friends on vacation
chance n shern
and it was just so much fun! i went home early, ready for a really busy jam packed day monday
i jumped out of bed first thing monday and ran right into the garden with my cup of coffeee. i HAD to plant my veggies, they were getting too big to be in baby pots on the side porch.
mid project
i made some trellaces from sticks i found in the alley

i got so paranoid that they were poison ivy covered because of the little hairs on them, so i washed my arms and hands a lot. um, so good so far.

i made four all together, two for two types of beans and two for three types of tomatos.
garden in full swing
and i got pretty much everything in the ground! some peppers are still to small to put out, but they have a spot waiting for em.
i was supposed to go see the pool filled up at pats house, but after the 9am-4pm in the garden, i was hurting too bad to move. lets just say i have new fancy tan lines, ew.
i was ready for bed early.
some random phone call kept me up though, how bizarre.
just some nosy friends, wanting to talk.
This is what technology is all about
so here it is, today, and the moped rally is this weekend! i still have a lot to finish and do. woowoo but i only work a few days this week.

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spookytunee said...

My you got some fine lookin veggies!