Friday, May 6, 2011

Today i came home from work and was totally dissatiafied with my groceries. I ran out to the closest grocer, Food Lión, or "foooood leeeeon" as we say it here in fancytown.
There was hardly anyone there, as always, but there was a long wait at the one register open. In line, a man with very few teeth or maybe none at all started talking to me, and i couldnt even understand him. The second time he repeated himself, I got the impression that he was complaining about the line, or the cashier or the people ahead of us, so i just said "I KNOW THATS RIGHT", which made him laugh, so i guess it was the right answer.
I guess i was messing with my hair, mostly trying to get a knot out of it the the wind blew in, and he said, much clearer, YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT GIRLS THAT PLAY WITH THEIR HAIR.....
i looked at him and said, no, i dont? And he got all winky and raised eyebrows and weird, so i announced WELL I DONT KNOW ABOUT ALL THAT. And he laughed again, guess i was 2 for 2.
Anyway, dinner was much better with zucchini and ricotta. Heres a close up!
Here is a zoom in of dinner

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