Tuesday, May 17, 2011

eh this weekend was too rainy. i had things i wanted to get done, but got hijacked by shopping adventures and general lack of interest. feelin real weird this weekend, i'll just leave it at that.
it would be sunny, then dark and rain, they sunny and horribly humid...in the morning on sunday or something i found my brussel sprouts covered in the most perfect dew drops.

i mean, c'mon! how purdy is that? perfect little round droplets on the stem tips of each leaf. nature, you so fancy.
the irises all started blooming, the ones from caitlyn.
bloomin iris
i was expecting purple, so yellow was a really cool suprise.
also found another awesome click beetle.
big click beetle
beetles be creepin!
The food car club
we were driving on some errand, i think to go buy a lawnmower part one, and passed the Skittles car. I love these dudes. theres a car club in town that is full of folks that customize their hoopties to different food or candy themes. so good. who's got the twinkies car, thats what i wanna know.
Cats for sale
we were shopping at southern states for seeds and found that they had cats on sale. man it was really tempting, for $4.99 each cat would come with a complimentary basket. you just can't beat that kind of deal.
i walked the dogs to the park at one point and realized all the mulberry trees were full full full of ripe berries. made cobbler yesterday, and am makin pie tonight. maybe we can talk about it tomorrow with pictures...

went on a big adventure exploring, found some really rad secret things. i'm stoked on my neighborhood more and more, just wish my friends lived closer.
Neighborhood secrets

stu's birthday was yesterday, we celebrated with tacos and many desserts.
birthday stu
i wish i had been hungrier! shit!
awesome and delicious cake by daina
this cake was so good...german chai chocolate? i can't quite remember what type of chocolate, but mah gad. so good.

the firepit flooded with all this dern rain, so we can't even have a fire. gad, will nothing exist that can cheer me up!!!!

hrm. hopefully i will just have an easy week and everyone will be nice and it will be great. lets just see about that....

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