Wednesday, May 18, 2011

well pie crust dough babies sure are different kids than pizza crust dough babies!

you can't knead it much at all, you have to barely mix it, you have to let it "rest" all the time, i mean seriously pie! you so lazy! pizza dough rests, sort of, but it is chemically reacting the whole time! growing up, getting bigger.
anyway, my hands were too busy for photos.
First shot at crust making
i've never made my own pie dough, aside from simple crusts like graham cracker or whatever.

but it came out okay, looks wise. not the most perfect, but i'm not that stressed.

and it came out delicious. mulberries are awesome. delicious and FREE. i just have to walk a few blocks down to the park to pick em. no bigs.

maybe if i can finish up the pie i'll make tarts? i think i'll be sick of mulberries by then.

what do you do with all the leftover pie crust corners anyway?

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