Friday, July 15, 2011

ah so gardenlife is great.
walk into the backyard, pick dinner.
walking into the backyard and picking all your sides for dinner is awesome. food tastes way better when you've made it all happen.
snap beans from the garden
i've been really into roasting things, which is dumb cause its a million degrees hot and humid outside and i'm running the oven.
but shoot, roasted garlic makes EVERYTHING delicious.
our tomatos have been green and huge for, like, weeks. i got tired of waiting for them to ripen so just decided to make do.
fried green tomatos
and making do was delicious. so good. i'm gonna do it again for breakfast this weekend.
Oh dang i love cooking dinner
dinner has been pretty epic lately.
the truck is running great, i couldn't be more excited. it sounds like an angry snake as you accelerate, a deep hiss as the intake sucks in tons of air. so so so fancy and beastly and cool. i think i'm in love, i'll never have a stock carb again!!!!
in other news...
Just another day answering odd bone questions, cough cough
i always get some pretty interesting questions about taxidermy and bones and stuff, and lately they've been extra funny.
anyway. the squash plant has grown a bit big. its a little out of control, everything within the thin red line is only two plants, that i started from seeds that were given to me at a wedding. crazy!
so yeah. things are good, the squash might choke us in our sleep, but we're eating lots of fresh awesome things from the garden so eh. no complaints.

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