Friday, July 8, 2011

this week has been insane.

-last thursday at 8am i dropped my truck off at a shop i'd never been to before, but had bad feelings about. they were supposed to bolt up and tune my new carbuerator.
-no call that truck was done thursday or friday.
-called the shop friday to see what was up, since the owner said it would be an hour or so job.
-excuses, excuses, they hadn't gotten to it yet and weren't gonna until tuesday. shop is in the ghetto, but they said they'd pull my truck inside the bays for the holiday weekend. word. it would be done tuesday, hands down.
-tuesday no call.
-wednesday no call. called shop at 4 to see whats up. owner says carb won't work. the carb manufacturer (webe) disagrees. owner offers to call weber, but doesn't have the number. bad sign #3, number is printed in huge font on yellow paper, first page of installation instructions. um, what?
-an hour later i called back and said i wanted to get my truck. would be down there first thing in the am thursday to get it. one week at shop, nothing done, and obvious lack of experience or interest in project. fuggit.
-commuting on moped is great, except when it rains. its rained more the last week than it has all summer. i'm shocked i haven't been fired yet, my bosses are so tolerant. my moped will not run in the rain.
-thursday i go to pick up my truck at 8am, expecting a battle. breeze in, pickup carb (which hasn't even been taken out of packaging) and look for truck. i am told its in a parking lot across the street. its not there.
-truck is up the street, unlocked, in a shitty neighborhood. front tire is flat. has no oil, has no gas. what the hell?
-truck starts, but will not run. cuts off as soon as your foot is off the gas pedal. then engine starts accellerating out of control. in rush hour traffic, in stalling truck, cutting it off to stop high revving. what the fuck.
-get to work. pop hood. various vacuum hoses are loose, off of carb. battery terminal half off. this is all new development since i dropped my truck off, running, fully functional. i add gas and air, tire is holding air but truck still wont run. set up an appointment to get it fixed, but can't be seen til tuesday.
-in additon to major truck drama, battling the rain on a non running moped is hilarious.
-have to bail on birthday dinner at an awesome resturant cause of new transportation drama.
-climb up into borrowed tall truck today after dropping andrew off at work, and skirt splits up the back at the seam. cause i stretched it too much, stepping up too tall. so my ass is out. awesome. get to work, slide out of the truck, twist skirt so split is on side, slink into work where i snag a stapler and staple it back closed. awesome.
-noticed that puppy has eaten a chunk of rubber toy, AGAIN. hopefully no emergency vet this time? toy was okay circa 12am this morning, but missing a chunk at 830am this morning. grrrreeeeat.

i'm so scrambled right now!

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