Friday, March 30, 2012

almost done with the work week. one day and a half to go...holding my breath til off-time, so much to do!
replaced the 'bago battery with a new one and tried to fire her up. no dice. turns over, no catch. dammit!
went and bought new plugs last night, doesn't hurt to replace em all and might as well...i looked at em yesterday and they were rusty...that means too old.
we'll replace those maybe tonight...need a longer socket. its always something...
Persistent sewing helper
mucho sewing to do...need to make prizes for NACCCs at the end of May, really gotta get cracking on that. finish up a commissioned hat for repeat customer in maryland. and need to update the etsy shop like woah. haven't done ANYTHING with it in way too long, just been too busy.
hopefully will get a chance to get in the garden some this weekend as well. if beds don't get built soon, all my seedlings are gonna die. they need real ground space, now!
busy bee, always.

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