Tuesday, April 3, 2012

aye carumba. the weekend always goes by too quickly.
bummed that new plugs didn't start the bago, andrew had been reading the "dodge motorhome" bible, going over all the potential problems that would cause the engine to turn over and sound like it was catching, but not actually catch.
replaced the old ignition control and still nothing. while he was bent over replacing the ignition control module, he noticed a disconnected wire right under the dash. plugged it up and VIOLA! the bago started right up. D'oh!
Blued up, adjusting the idle
it was idling SUPER high, like dangerous blow up revving, leaving black carbon deposits on the grass under the exhaust idling high. adjusted the carb a bit and seemingly hit a good balance.

andrews hair blowing in the engine wind reminded me of a fancy perfume commerical or some fabio ad. hahaha.
we had to remove part of our fence to get the bago back into the driveway, so we did. i had to run out to tuckers 1st birthday party but HAD to take a victory lap first...went for a short cruise around the neighborhood.
came home and gift wrapped as fast as possible, went to tuckers robot themed party.
super fun, he's a really cool little kid.
he got to demo a whole cupcake!
hung out for a few hours and enjoyed the midday sun. came home after he opened his presents and took the bago for a drive myself...when we moved we'd accidentally let the inspection lapse and we needed to re-up it and that job was falling to me.
we even drove it to get mexican later that night! still having that awesome issue where the lights flash off when you hit bumps...haha gotta resolve that.
monday morning i woke up bright and early and took the bago to a shop in ashland that inspected larger vehicles.
turns out we've got a couple exhaust leaks to fix before we're legal beagle, but i think we'll order some headers for it this week and fix it ourselves.
excited, headers seem like a breeze and its so fun to drive the bago around.
my 30th birthday last year was a little weird, kind of a bummer with good intentions, so i'm hoping for a good redo this year. maybe involving an rv trip.
Smashed in our alley
found a bunch of paintballs in the yard when we were moving the bago around to get it out...nice!
our neighbor diagonally behind us likes to fire off rounds in our direction when my other neighbors dogs bark. tight!
paintballs in my yard
its the second time i've asked him to chill out on the paintball action, when i went to his house his whole porch was covered in beer bottle caps and the same brand/color of paintballs that were in our yard.
Neighbors porch
left him a polite note asking him to stop, again.
noticed that my subaru is having a hard time lately...gas mileage not suffering but every now and then its real hard to start...just wants to crank and crank without firing.
when i bought it, the previous owner noted that it had a small oil leak at the rear main seal...no biggie, we're talkin a quart of oil a month. the whole engine bay is covered in oil, though, and its really smoky and oily.
i started to notice a residue on the back of the car...and sure enough i'm smoking...not from the exhaust but from something under the passenger side of the car.
so i'm looking into some options for repairing it...engine has 321k miles already, so its way overdue for a rebuild, but i think i might just reseal it for now. if i could pull the engine i'd ideally like to put in new timing belt and rear main seal, do head gaskets as well and maybe oil pump seal.
just the basic gaskets that leak. we'll see how that goes.

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