Wednesday, April 11, 2012

woke up at 6 am to the sounds of dog vomit. love it.
just couldn't get back to sleep after that, dogs were restless and once they're up, THEYRE UP. theres no going back.
Up too early
once i took care of all the animals dogs n cats alike, i sat with a cup of coffee and found myself real bored. i was wide awake and had two and a half hours to kill before work.
decided to do some work in my sewing room after i knocked out some chores.
on monday i'd replaced our stock kitchen faucet with a fancy upgraaaayyyyyyde
old faucet
i needed to do the massive pile of dishes from cooking dinner so i could take a pic of the change.
New faucet
i'd freecycled a nice 200$ ikea faucet a long while back, and decided to install it. its really designed for a deeper countertop mount and not stainless steel sink mount, but whatevs. i like it and the ONE DAY that we have concrete countertops it'll be awesome.
Dottie being a real pill
dottie is always a funny combination of snuggly/wild in the mornings, she wants to be with you and right next to you, even if she's playing with her toys. she kept jumping up onto my cutting table and gradually pushing her way over onto my sewing table and into my lap.
shes such a prisspot, if you make her a special place to lay down when shes in a mood like that then she'll totally use it and leave you be. but it has to be a real bed kind of space, and it has to be close to you. haha.
Dottie the persistent helper
did a little tidying up, minimal and kind of obnoxious tidying (like winding bobbins and putting them all away NEATLY) and then knocked out a quick cycling cap in a really lovely springy fabric. this is a small portion of the fabrics from baskerville, i busted out a big stack of cool knoll fat quarters.
i have to work much earlier tomorrow so i doubt i'll be up as early, but i'm off work at a decent hour so maybe i'll get the chance to sew again!

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