Wednesday, March 21, 2012

went into the weekend feelin real good. finally found someone that could cover my job, so i took a day off. miracle of all miracles, a day off!!!!!
saturday after work i swung by stu and julies to let their dogs play while they were out of town.

brisket is so huge and hilarious. he played with a tennis ball, which looks tiny in comparison to him, and just goofed around the yard forever.

banana is real hilarious, she acts like a stodgy old lady. she totters around the yard, sniffing stuff, looking offended if the other dogs mess with her or accidentally touch her. haha

and sandwich is awesome. she was so excited about a "stranger" coming to her house that she was making the craziest a high pitched squeal scream. once she was in the yard she was digging and running and being so wild. hi-larious.
after playing with those guys for a while, i headed home to relieve my own pups. they loved the weather, it was sunny and actually kind of hot. later in the afternoon i went over to nicole and lee's house to help make crafts for baby tucker's first birthday partay.
bif was being a big baby and kept whining, he wanted to craft too. haha.
tucker is having a robot party, so we made a couple styrofoam planets for lollipop stands and a big robot and all his parts for a "pin the part on the robot" kind of game.
Painting a robot and his parts
if was fun, i haven't painted with craft paint and a brush in a long time, and it was nice to hang with those guys. i'm not trying to have a baby anytime soon, but i really like helping out my friends with their baby kids. its real rewarding.
came home late and was totally beat.
the next day andrew sic-ed the dogs on me before i could fully wake up. woke up to a stampede on my person, in bed. got up and started crackin on some home projects while andrew went off trailbuilding.
Organize and build, build and organize
i picked up a bunch of huge storage cubbies for $5 each on craigslist, and got those where i wanted. i've always wanted a big wall unit for the craft room, one with a million cubbies. i wanted to unpack my cds and put my records and dvds/vhs all neatly away, so thought up a design for a shelving unit to accomodate those and more.
got the entire thing built, and was about the use the last board for the bottom shelf/base, and it was too short! i bought all the wood in 6 foot board sections, so cutting on my part was minimal. this last 6 foot board was about an inch short...from the shop!
it was too late at that point to return it, and i hadn't really eaten, so andrew got a fire going in the firepit and we grilled some hotdogs. sat outside and enjoyed the was cool and starry and just perfect. my fav weather.
Backyard campfires, cool spring nights
it was a really nice night, so good to sit out. stu, julie and dana came by and shared some snacks, an excellent evening all around.
the next day was all errands. went to a tractor supply show and oogled their day i'll have hens. not ready for em yet, but maybe in a year or two.
in my cleaning rampage i'd pulled some furniture that needed to go...stuff that just didn't have a place. craigslisted it and sold it off, fueled my painting project the next day with that loot.
since all the furniture was off the wall in my craft room, i felt like it was perfect timing to paint the wall. leave it to me to make up something SUPER complicated for a day off project...rather than just paint it one color i decided to to three colors and a massive geometric pattern. painted the wall a minty light blue/green base color and let it dry well.

i measured out a grid of 12x12 squares and taped them off.
The most masking tape I've ever used
then i taped off alternating diagonal lines and a few rectangles...
painted the rectangles alternatingly yellow, then painted everything else this delicious green color.

that was the most masking tape i've used in my whole life, ever. it came out pretty well, i was overall very happy with it. the tape bled a little but nothing that can't be fixed or touched up.
i found some cool little legs at lowes and mounted them to the wall shelving...
Wall painted, new shelving unit built.
let the paint really dry overnight, and now i can fill the shelving with media! yay!
so now back into the work week. big plans for this coming weekend, excited for a little roadtrip. just gotta get through the workdays.....weekend warrior style.

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