Tuesday, March 13, 2012

last week i sent a bunch of mail...packages to friends that i miss in other states. lots of seeds went out too, hope they produce for folks!
making mail presents
with daylight savings quickly approaching, i started the bt's on a new early morning walk regime. up at 6:30am, drink coffee and feed them breakfast until 7am, then walk/adventure/hike/swim for one hour. home by 8am to get ready for work.
the third day into it we were in the middle of a huge field in a nearby park, playing soccer, when i found this rabbit head
Only the head, in the middle of the field
crazy...creepy...just the head, no fur tufts, no body...wonder if an owl got him and dropped the head as he flew to the woods?
lazy sunday morning with the dogs...egon has a new obsession with playing fetch..every night just as we think he's settling down, he grabs his orange ball and demands a game of fetch. if you sit on the couch too long in the morning, he also insists on a game while you're idle. heaven forbid if the ball go into a place he cannot reach...you will witness total dog pout meltdown.

what a funny guy.

later in the day went to check out a 1964 Dodge Travco locally...really excited to be able to see one in town. there is one about seven hours away that i really wish we could go check out, GARAGE KEPT and totally original. its also a little newer, a 70s model, so it has air conditioning.

it had tons of cool built in storage...and awesome bunkbeds with crankout windows on each level.
and get this....on this particular '64 it originally came with an INCINERATOR toilet...you'd "flush" and it would incinerate your waste. i can't even imagine the danger and smell. hahahaha.

the cockpit was super cool, very roomy as it had been through a couple renovations.

most everything was push or pull button...i hadn't been in a car that had a push button transmission in a really long time.
Push button transmission
going to see this one made me internally freak out about getting the far away one...it seems like a dumb decision financially but OMG i think i could totally justify it. haha. i love the 'bago, but i really want a slanty-window travco one day.

it was a real treat to be able to go see this one in town, to get a feel for the interior and layout of its features. it also makes me really appreciate the 'bago, and all of its WORKING systems.
Flax, kale, and peanut butter treats
decided to make a new dog treat for the pups since they were out of homemade biscuits. whipped up a batch of treats that they seem to love. used some flax meal, flax seeds, kale, and peanut butter to make a good batch of grain/gluten free little squares. easy to make, and the pups are so stoked on them.
ran a quick errand to petsmart on sunday and i'd been meaning to pick up a leash splitter for a long time. the bostons run side by side in the backyard when they fight for sticks...same stick in each dogs mouth RUNNING as fast as they can...so i figured the potential for a splitter was there.
I cant believe this is working out
sure enough, they did great! they were a little awkward in the house standing still, but as soon as they started to move they were a-ok with it.

made our rounds through the neighborhood in the double lead like pros. even stopped in the park for a while to play frisbee! since it was about 70 or so outside, they were pretty toasty and panting right away. after ten minutes in the full sun, they were BEAT. dottie stopped several times on the ten block walk home to lay on the cool asphalt under a car or to roll in the grass of someones front yard. nerds!
Worn out
got home and they were worn out. mission accomplished. they laid on the cool kitchen floor and snoozed for a long time.
the weekend was a little uneventful...went to one of my fav antique stores and they had been really picked through...crazy i've never seen em so empty. oh well.
having some troubles with my seedlings, need to do a little googling to see whats up. i think i may try to get started planting things outside this weekend...it looks like worm casings are all over and wildlife is poppin...our azaleas are blooming and daffodils are all going to see...sounds to me like its time to start the garden forreals.
gonna do some brainstorming this week, need to some up with some ideas for naccc projects as prizes and want to "quilt" some big bags with some really cool fabrics i just got. brain fluids are flowing...just need time to sit down with pencil and paper and plot some things out. stoked!

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