Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a month or two ago our neighbor approached Andrew while he was out doing yardwork. he asked what my plan was for the truck camper shell that i have beside our shed (it was from the first toyota). he told Andrew that the shell was reflecting too much light and killing his bushes. he said that the bushes were 90 years old and he didn't want them to die.
i'm not one to ignore a problem or act out of spite, and made a couple craigslist posts to try and rid myself of the shell, but buyer after buyer no showed or fell through and i honestly forgot about it.
The situation with my neighbor and his bushes
this weekend i noticed that he'd put up a barrier to remedy the situation. haha. ah i feel sort of rude not putting top priority on moving/getting rid of the truck topper, but at the same time its honestly sort of hilarious, seeing as how our garage is also a light color, to assume that the truck topper is doing anything harmful. and honestly its our property, so whatever. i'll relist it and try to get rid of it before David hates me forever n ever.
the rest of the weekend was all winnebago and dogs.

pulled the wheel off the bago after we gave it a bath. andrew did the exterior and i detailed the interior.
andrew was pleasantly suprised to fine a little anti-seize left on the lugnuts...always a good sign.

took the wheel and washed it (because the rv had been sliding so much in our muddy backyard, it really looked like we'd taken it offroading.) and noticed that the valve stem was actually leaking. easy fix! took it to three shops before we found one that stocked that size of valve stem, but only a $15 fix! tight!
wheel is back on the 'bago and we just need to resolve a dead battery, then we'll start moving it about! breaking 'er in for the warmer weather...
had a really bad weekend with MrEgon, too many seizures. he's back at the vet today for more labwork, trying to really figure out whats up. it was sort of an nightmare, and i'm realizing now how very little sleep i got the past several days...falling asleep at work. three seizures sunday and five yesterday...to me coming home and finding dottie sitting at the top of the stairs by the closed door, while egon was on the other side unresponsive and seizing was the absolute worst. we'd gone out for dinner and left them for 45 minutes or so...he was locked upstairs away from the other dogs so he wouldn't hurt himself if he did have an episode.
hopefully a meds change will help stop the seizure, i guess phenobarbitol doesn't work for all dogs. i pick him up at five and await results tomorrow.
i'm wiped out and sick from allergies, feeling like butt. i might call in tomorrow for a personal day, if my trainee can relieve me that is. i need a breather more than ever.

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