Tuesday, March 6, 2012

yuck. last weeks weather was sort of lame...awesome warm days but then insane rain!
BEFORE a full day of torrential downpour, the area where andrew had been digging out the stump was already full of water...
Too much rain lately
then after that aforementioned downpour day, aka saturday, it was just gnarly out in the backyard. standing water everywhere.
Wild mud dog Dottie
dottie took full advantage of the mud, and had a full on dirt adventure.

she was having so much fun! how could i stop her? hilarious.

she played around the mudpit, digging and digging like a maniac. its hard to hear, but she was panting and grunting and sucking in so much air that after a while she would fart in time with digging...i was DYING...

after a while i decided it was as good a time as any for boston baths...i went inside and started running the tub.

she had so much fun in the mud...being a total maniac. egon kept antagonizing her, knowing she'd chase him away from HER mudpit.
one very nasty bathtub later, they were clean again and very tired.
the rest of the weekends goal was to tire the dogs out and try to relax. i'd been feeling ill all week and had been sitting at the desk a lot (i usually stand at the desk for the work day). because you have to contort your body to sit and type (the desk is built to stand behind) i was feeling kind of broken. neck and back were super jacked up. i just wanted to chill out and stretch, work the knots out of my person.
found some more cool rides close by on dogwalks. now that its spring, the guys in the hood are bringing their winter projects out...making for good eye candy as i walk dogs.
sunday i finished up some sewing stuff. it was a kind of funky day...sometimes sunny, mostly cloudy, so i didn't really feel bad staying in for a few hours.
This guy
egon came downstairs when he smelled me baking pizza for breakfast. otherwise that guy was curled up in bed.
after i finished projects, i decided to take dottie on a long walk. she's definitely the most high energy out of the bunch, and egon was still in bed.
morning walk with dottie
took her on an epic adventure, through the neighborhood and down to evergreen cemetery, and up to its top!

found some really beautiful moss, and dug a little chunk up to bring home for a terrarium. evergreen is a lovely place to walk...beautiful and macabre and noones ever there. there are all different varieties of daffodils growing wild, and i keep thinking about snagging a few of the bulbs. seems a little wrong, taking flowers from the cemetery, but if theyre really just roadside, then maybe not? i dunno, gotta think about that one.
came home from the walk and set to work in the garage. the recent warm weather has given me total spring fever, and all i want to do is ride.
garage day
got the V1 back together and ready to mount back on to the raven. i need to set the timing, then i'll be on my way! well, i need a spark plug boot...but after that...vrooooooom!
as it was getting into early evening, andrew asked if i wanted to go ride bikes. trying to squeeze the last drop out of the daylight, we went on a long adventure all around rocketts landing. wanted to check out the new docks they built for the condo owners to store boats!
The new docks down at Rocketts Landing
rocketts landing is the huge new development, tall modern condos that aspire to be a community. resturants, etc in retail spaces below the condos. the hilarious thing is that for all the luxury they've built riverside, the local sewage treatment plant is directly across the river from rocketts...like within eyesight. theres a huge foaming waterfall where the "cleaned" water dumps back into the river. and the james river is tidal at that point, so its got that stinky brackish water mud. geez man, you sure do pay a lot of money for a condo on a pooopoo river right there. anyway, to add to the level of fancy, they put in new, nice docks for the condo owners to use. there are a couple boats moored there already, maybe more as weather gets nicer.
we came home from our ride after dark, a successful mission.
monday morning egon could not quite shake his tiredness.
The dudes in a cuddle puddle
he just sort of wandered room to room, following me as i did chores, and napped wherever he could.
Shuffling around the house with a blanket halfway on
idle was happy to oblige. at one point egon got up, idle followed him. he ended up walking around the house super slow, still half in the blanket. what a lazy dude.
i had a lot of chores but didnt really feel like doing any of them. i just frittered around, working on things bit by bit and going with the flow.
marina di chiogga squash and seeds
finally roasted the last marina di chiogga squash. saved the seeds to give to friends and to regrow more. i think i'll plant some down near gilles creek, see how they do.

i was slacking on some screenprinting and finally got crackin on it. was supposed to send some patches out, but i wanted to make a gold series and needed ink. my fav art supply stores hours were just not workin out. finally got down there and got ink!
gold series
got patches all screened, and sent off a bunch of care packets to friends in other states. stoked!
every time i sat down for a second in the middle of chores, mr. egon would jump up in my lap to be held. he was super needy and snuggly...

so funny. all he wanted was hugs and naps, what a sweetie.
the dogs were totally spent last night, i guess after three days out of their crate routine they're bushed.
i heard a funny noise coming from dottie and noticed her tongue was moving around out of her mouth.

she may have been asleep but her little tongue wasnt.
went to bed a little nervous. we can't seem to go two weeks without egon having a seizure...its really like looming clockwork. and since he'd been so sleepy all day long, i was kind of worried. had a nagging feeling. sure enough, at 630am he launched off into a full blown grand mal in andrews arms. it was short, he didn't pee the bed, and after he got himself together he was very clear minded right away. he was still off balance, but would look you in the eye and heed commands.
poor dude, he was so zonkered after it that he went out to potty, then came right back to bed. slept with andrew til breakfast time, then went back to bed by himself.
post seizure sleeptime
little dottie laid with him in the bed while we were up getting ready for work, keeping an eye on her big brother.
dottie keeps an eye on her bro
he got his meds with breakfast and is on a little bit of a higher dose, but i went ahead and took the tuesday off two weeks from now, sort of a sad premonition. he will need labwork before we increase his pheno dose again, so i figured its better safe than sorry. he seems to have them on such a tight schedule.
back into the working week for now. hopefully some fun stuff will happen this week. folks should at least get some mail and be stoked, if anything!

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