Thursday, March 22, 2012

man. i am feeling so burned out on my job. don't get me wrong, i like it, but i never really get time off (unless i call in sick/emergency) and when i do get time off, i have MAJOR catch up to play when i get back. i had a vaca last year in florida, but it was the most stressful vacation i've ever taken - full of tense moments and constant dramz. i didnt even feel like i was on vacation until the LAST day of it...wading in the keys a few hours before we had to get on a plane.
i took off tuesday anticipating egon having another seizure since they've been super clockwork, like every two weeks. well, he didnt have one. that was awesome, and it meant i wasn't gonna have to go to the vet.
i spent the day busting my ass to paint a wall in my workshop space, and i put some legs on a new wall unit i built. i wasnt finished busting it until 7 something at night, i worked hard all day, and i was stoked on and proud of the job i'd done. both projects were first time tries, and they came out great.

going back to work was a real kick in the nuts. even though i'd just had a three day weekend, i'd filled it to the maximum with work. laundry, cleaning house, taking care of dogs, organizing and STILL unpacking. we've been in the house for more than a year and its still shamefully boring inside. no paint, no color, nothing on the walls, nothing nothing nothing. it makes me super depressed!

i randomly scored a half day yesterday and i was so stoked on it. working with folks who don't ever want to work is real tough...try staying motivated when everyone you work with wants to put out the minimum. it stinks, man.
took the day to try and chill out on life and haterdom a little. most of my "emergency" days off have been filled with stress, like emergency vet visits, or being actually physically real sick. this bonus half day was a golden kiss from the heavens.
i took time to walk the dogs around for a while.

did the usual tour of the neighborhood with the pups. tried to take my mind off work and home stress.
i love that my neighborhood is filled with cool stuff. i wouldn't live anywhere else.
Galaxie 500
old cars everywhere, rvs, even a nice airstream in a backyard.
i can really appreciate it...i like folks that prefer a vintage aesthetic.
Custom Cab
it was a good afternoon. i started unpacking the bajillion boxes of cds i hadnt touched in a year, and put up my dvds and vhs. still need to make a bookcase sometime soon so i can put my books up in my space. i apparently have a lot of media.
maybe its a byproduct of being totally burned out on work, but i just feel totally wiped, frustrated with everything. i need a sabbatical.
i have a bunch of sewing to do and even though its making me excited, it feels like a massive weight of obligation. thats not the attitute i have toward sewing!!!

looking forward to a break. i need to go somewhere, get away, take some time to breathe. the constant work and stress has just been too real, and my optimism has been buried under all the "life" lately. not the way i want to live.

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