Tuesday, January 31, 2012

this weekend was real fun.
saturday after work i picked up a cool ikea light from someone via craigslist. i cut the plug off of it and hardwired it directly into the ceiling, after i took down the old ugly chandelier.
Finally took down the ugg/out of place chandelier
stoked, it totally goes with the room and because its white, when its not on it totally blends into the ceiling. makes the room feel bigger!
later in the evening we went to El Patron for awesome birthday dinner for Chad. Came home stuffed, it was so good.
Woke up early sunday to start a batch of pizza dough, some of my favorite coworkers from the last salon i worked at were coming over for brunch.
Brunch pizza partay
i made lots of pizzas and enjoyed some good QT with folks I don't hang with nearly enough.
i dedicated sunday to chillaxin, and indeed i did. after a liesurely day of nibbling on fruit, pizza, cupcakes, and more, i played tetris 2 while the dogs snoozed on the couch beside me.
sleep snuggler
it was awesome.
early bed, knowing i'd be up early monday for maximum productivity.
egon was still very tired from sunday playtime with my friends

i let them settle into naptime and split, on a mission to get some things done. got a blind for the french door to the side porch, and hit a local thrift store in search of storage options for my craft room.
found this instead!
Ten dolla holla
also picked up these guys, mega potential
$25 set! wonder who the maker is?
the desk was pretty much ready to roll. so cute, need to find a permanent spot for it.
started taking upholstery off the chairs, hoping something awesome would be still intact. looking at the bottom of the seats, i could see the backing of a fabric that appeared to be orange or red, and the first layer of fabric was definitely not that.
Layer one - awful nineties fabric
first layer was textural nineties fabric.
Layer two - orange and yellow lace embossed vinyl
second layer was this lace embossed yellow and orange vinyl

third layer was green flower embossed vinyl. it looks like barkcloth, but its really vinyl!
Fourth and final layer, AWESOME orange
lo and behold, under that was a GREAT orange. it is the exact orange as my knoll chair see, in a stroke of most excellent luck.
i got to work on the base of the chairs. they clearly needed some tending to as well.
chairs needed some work
i'll have to post finished pics soon, the new paint is still curing.
they came out great, nothing like 30$ worth of cool midcentury furniture!
ended the day with a great sense of accomplishment, got so much done that had been on my to do list.
unseasonably warm
daffodils are all in bloom, its been so spring-ish lately.
early bloomers
wonder if we'll get anything out of em in the spring, or if this is it?
lots to come this week and weekend, including an epic superbowl partay, visits from philly friends, and maybe a huge bonfire to burn the stump out of the ground! booyeah!

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