Wednesday, January 11, 2012

this is bolt!
last week a client at the salon let me know via facebook that she got a boston terrier puppy for christmas at thanksgiving, just because she loved dottie so much when she used to come to the salon with me. she brought her digital cam full of puppy pics as show and tell.
Oh snap, merry christmas to me!
then in other exciting stuff, my new mixer arrived! merry christmas to me! i've been wanting an artisian for a while, and booyeah i got one.
i was all excited for baking on the weekend until disaster struck.
Back from the vet, car ride
friday at 5 am (one week, same time in the am as all other times) egon woke us up having another seizure. we know what to do now, so its less stressful as the first time, but every time he has one it opens the pathway to having more, which sucks. this time, after the first one, he immeaditely had another one. we were freaking out. clustering was new, and we didn't want that. he came to bed after a short post-ictal phase then jumped back up about twenty minutes later, launched into another seizure. we were freaking out. it was 630am, we were WIDE AWAKE, and thinking we were heading to the emergency vet with a seizing dog.
to the vet we did go, and after a bajillion tests, we have an epileptic dog. sadface.
he will be on lifetime meds UNLESS he does not have another seizure for a year while taking meds, then if we wean him off, the seizures do not return. poor buddy. we are taking it a step at a time, he is only on day three of meds and he has been WILDLY INSANE, even though the meds were supposed to make him possibly sleepy.
The broccoli that time forgot
friday, while i was listing around the house waiting for vet to call, i noticed that we had broccoli growing. i forgot i planted it, and hadn't been in the back corner of the yard enough to notice that it wasn't brussel sprouts.
Brussel sprouts that will not die
speaking of brussel sprouts, they're still alive too! unfortunately the dogs have peed on them about a million times, so theres no way i'm gonna eat em.
saturday i worked at the salon then tried to do a spot of sewing afterward. it just wasnt working out.
Worse than a cat
i couldn't focus and i was sort of stressed about mr. egon, just worrying. we didn't start him on meds to control the seizures until monday, so our weekend was full of worry that he would have another cluster, worse than the last. stress.
i just sort of laid low, spent the day with dogs, and tried to chill out.
my sewing helper
sunday i woke up pretty early, knocked out a project for an event in petersburg. a couple lady friends of mine started a business called wildebeest, they provide the setup for goldsprints for events. they were having a benefit for a local church in petersburg and invited me to come out and put a table up, promoting my etsy shop. so i did.
apparently after i left, everyone else just took the day off.
In the comforter
demolition coffee shop hosted the sprints, that place was awesome. real industrial/modern little place, clean and nice. and they had a wood top toilet!
nice wood top toilet
it was kind of awesome, awesome enough that i took a photo.
Twerkin it
i set up shop and handed out cards. not much in sales, but it was cool to see friends test out their new business.
monday i laid low. couldn't shake the stress. sunday it made me throw up mid day. also, coffee didn't help combined with the no food. yuck.
now that its winter and not christmas, i should have plenty of time to make better meals. i sort of slacked during salon crazy time, november and december are nutso and after nine hours of running around, i can't even stand up to cook. november and december were all takeout or gross processed frozen dinner stuffs. blah.
The winter of stuffed stuff
january could be the month of stuffin stuff. i think i'm gonna make ravioli thursday if i'm not totally zonked. made chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms and stuffing.
coupled with delicious pasta from stellas, it was so good.
i'd been real antsy to use my new mixer and just hadn't had a chance. i grabbed an orange on the way home, zested and juiced it, and made orange vanilla scones. took about five minutes to make, not including the 12 minutes to bake. AWESOME.
i love it, that kitchenaid is so rad.
Farrow with green beans, corn, and feta
trying to get back to better grains for dinner sides, if i make more pasta i'm gonna try to use quinoa flour instead of a mix of semolina and all purpose. i have yet to see if my coffee grinder will tackle quinoa...otherwise the flour is SO expensive, even in bulk.
hopefully this weekend i can relax again, concentrate on prepping good food for the week and taking care of the house. i need to sleep for a couple days, my stress level has been so high lately that its totally worn me out.

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