Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ugh. last week started with this:
The weekend cannot get here soon enough
harddrive on the work computer melted down. totally sweet. meant we had no access to appointments, so we came to work every day, and whoever walked in - got hair did. it was cah-razy. this week i'm entering the no-computer days of transactions, working on the three pages of clients to call to reschedule, trying to restore our old files, and trying to piece all the missing data together from old recipts. AAAAAND i'm working on itemizing every single thing we bought for our huge renovation between february and august of last year, its almost 70k worth of merchandise ranging from $3 bags of bolts to $7000 hvac units. the accountant needs it STAT to prepare our corp return. ugh, i kind of want to call in sick, every day, right now.
because work has been total misery, i just focused on happy home livin and loving dogs.
roasted the marina di chiogga squash from this summers garden

came out so soft and buttery and bright orange

went ahead and puree-ed it, thinking i'd make ravioli.

whipped up a quick batch of spinach pasta dough, made it waaaaay too stiff. just meant it was harder work to roll out.

i'd picked up a sweet old tupperware ravioli maker on etsy for 8$, so rolled the dough big enough to use that as a form.
My little old tupperware ravioli maker
traced the edges of the ravioli form with water, so the dough would stick to the top layer of dough i was planning on laying down.

the whole time this was happening the dogs were FRANTIC, running around dying to know what was happening up on the countertop. by the end of it all they had white spots of flour on their backs and faces.

used fresh squash puree plus ricotta, parmesan, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and a bit of bread crumb as a filling, and doled out a dollop of filling per square.

laid a second layer of rolled out dough on top of it all, and rolled it flat on the backside. the grid lines of the ravioli mold provided for perfect seperation.

the topside (aka the first layer) puffed out of the tray just as intended. simple, awesome device.

flipped the tray back upside down, and with a light tap...

viola! ravioli partay!
it was way easy, and the ravioli all came out so perfect.

boiled some for dinner, served with a little pesto. made the dough a little thick, so they were a bit chewy. the need for thinner dough needed, i rustled up another batch over the weekend.
Round two
that one squash provided me with a giant bowl of i made three batches of ravioli, froze some 1 cup portions for projects later this winter, and made bread with the rest of the puree. delicious.
over the course of the week, i'd noticed that the heat in our house didn't seem like it was working..the hvac fan was CONSTANTLY running, and the house was pretty cold. started paying close attention to it and noticed that only cold air was coming out of the vents. even put a little digital thermometer in the vent to test it out, duly noted that air less than body temp (98 degrees or so) would feel cool. air was definitely colder than the setting on the thermostat.
as a result, there was much snuggling.

even a double dog blanket burrito! the best ever!
hvac guy came monday, found a major freon leak (we had none at all in our system) and 550$ later, we have heat.
been on a search for good beets (well, a search within city limits...i'm not gonna drive 45 minutes each way from my house to short pump mall where the wholefoods is) and found some, finally, at the usually lame martins in carytown.
beet pattern
they were small and the greens were very wilted, but i roasted them to make more ravioli pasta dough over the weekend. after they roasted, i diced then pureed them to add to the dough recipe. when i cut their tops off, the prettiest pattern was right underneath.
i really wanted to make enough ravioli to A: use the squash puree totally up, B: freeze some for meals later this winter, C: give some away to andrew's parents.
and i did! i worked my butt off and made a shitton of it. haha. laid out each little square to freeze individually before i bagged em up. should be delicious!
now i'm back at work, plowing through three days of unentered date, trying to ressurect two days worth of book keeping that just happened to fall between backups, and its all giving me a major headache. not lovin life at work, holding my breath til the weekend...

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