Wednesday, January 25, 2012

well, as much as i complain about work, i have good bosses that appreciate me. as a present for having to deal with so much headache, they gave me some awesome gift cards and a nice thank you note. oops, i suck.
now that its winter i stay home all the time. i know i mentioned it before, but winter turns me into a cooking, homemaking hermit.
Pierogi makin!
that said, this weekend was all about pierogi.
i mashed a bunch of red potatos, added sauteed onions and cheddar, and made a literal shitton of pierogi.

they are delicious. again the plan was to make enough to have some for us, frozen, and to give away to the wolaks. two gallon ziploc bags later, i say we have plenty.
Ravioli and pierogies!
we celebrated the "two weeks, no seizures" milestone this week.
dottie, in kiss kiss mode
the dogs were ridiculous as always. dottie is just totally wild, and shes dangerously smart. egon has been awesome, fired up and nibbly.
as an exciting reward, we went on a toy shopping spree at petsmart (and used up some of my new giftcards)
Lets go already!!!
they were so excited, they played all night long then woke up the next morning and ran straight to the room where their new toys were. didn't even try to go outside, just out of bed and straight to toys. dags, they're funny.
dottie waits for a kiss
CLantz became a doctor, finally, so there was a celebration for her. the bar was loud, and the night after we had pizza and board games to celebrate in a place where we could hear each other without yelling.
marilyn is not excited about board games
it was real fun, even though maryiln looks so totally bored.
stayed out late, slept in a little the next day.
went for lunch at a new mexican resturant near our house...THAT PLACE IS AWESOME.
New mex resturant near our house
first off, its clean and bright and cute inside. secondly, theres a HUGE wall sized wood carving that says VIVA MEXICO. third, the food is bangin. so bangin, in fact, that we went there again the next day.
i finished making pierogi while andrew got real serious with his new chainsaw in the backyard. attacking the massive stump from the tree that got cut down a year ago, oops.
here's a quick before: note, that huge ass stump is taller than andrew - and thats a 6 foot privacy fence.
egon bounds
and now after, after one day of chainsawing:
Taming the beast
while i was in the middle of rolling dough, andrew burst into the house hollering for me...assuming we were going to the ER with a chainsaw injury, i was a little alarmed. turns out that dude found a bat while cutting apart the stump!
Found bat
he was up in the rotten core, hibernating.
boy howdy, after we woke him up he was PISSED OFF.

put him in the neighbors super viney/overgrown mulberry tree in the alley and wished him well.
every time i let the dogs out, egon would run to the pile of wood shavings made from the chainsaw and eat them as fast as possible. what is wrong with him???
at any rate, it made him spectacularly sick. after dinner that night he was making us real nervous, he kept having to go outside, and finally he threw up a pretty big amount of woodchips and dogfood and grass. nice.
that morning he had another seizure. big bummer. friday was the two weeks, no seizures mark, so we barely made it. my thinking (and the vets thought as well) was that he most likely threw up the phenobarbitol pill that night from dinner, or didn't have the chance to absorb it all before it came back up. the wood chips probably absorbed a lot of it. in a couple weeks we'll take him back to the vet for more bloodwork, but for now things are okay.
The serious face of "give me your breakfast"
he still demands that you give him your breakfast, no matter what, every day.
because of his early morning seizure, his next day was pretty much spent sleeping.
Team snuggle
thankfully dottie and idle are sympathetic with naps, and they helped him sleep all day long.
many moons ago, i painted the downstairs bathroom and hung shelves/pictures. because i am lazy, instead of moving the ladder while cutting in the last corner of the wall, i stepped off the ladder and onto the corner of the sink. and it snapped off. it was totally angering, and it was stupid. so i broke the brand new sinktop by being lazy and fat. great.
i'd been casually looking for a replacement and got serious with it a few weekends ago.
found a sinktop at the thrift store that matched the dimensions really closely, and it was this great ugly/awesome red thick heavy material.
finally got around to installing it this weekend.
not bad for a cheap fast fix. one day i'll make the bathroom all ikea renovated, but for now i'm totally into the red sinktop.
New old awesome/ugly sinktop

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