Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years started with a bang. took time off work to bake a lovely apple pie that noone (except me) would eat. nice. at least i'm good at doughmaking and basket weaving.
Apple pie!
had a spontaneous potluck on new years eve in honor of a fine friends birthday. made more roasted beet pasta and then made mac n cheese bake with it.
More beet pasta!
it was totally delicious. andrew decked out the backyard with candle-lit lanterns and a bunch of big old christmas lights. then he made a nice bonfire. wish i took pictures, cause the backyard just looked so pretty.
from about 7pm onward, the sound of frequent full-clip-unloading gunshots rang out from nearby neighborhoods. and at 12am on the dot, the sky should have been raining bullets. there was no pause between shots, someone, somewhere, everywhere was firing off constantly. across the street, down the block, there were so many nearby (too close) rapid fire bursts of 6-9 shots that we all went inside, convinced we might actually get shot.
amazing, horrifying.
rang in new years day with boston terrier kisses.
New Year kisses
andrew was off to work the next day and i was home, big plans for sewing that pretty much floundered. sewing machine is being a real jackass, i got all kind of new soft wonderful fabric and it won't sew any of it. top thread is intermittently looping under the fabric, making for sloppy stitching. can't have that. looks so bad.
in lieu of sewing, i baked a bajillion dog treats.
Carrot elephants
made carrot elephants and goats
Wheat and black rice zebras for the pups
and black rice and wheat zebras and kangaroos. excellent.
My baking assistant
the dudes napped on the couch for all the baking, but one Dottie wouldn't leave my side. good dog, good baking assistant.
guess the neighbors were letting their dog roam a bit, cause it set our dogs off. they were SO MAD that she was in the yard.

serious business, protecting the house.

goal for 2012 (really its the goal for right now) is to hit it big on $2 scratcher lotto tickets and quit my jabjab. i have made it clear that all it will take is a $1000 win to make it so. i spent my whole day monday thinking of a million things i could be doing to make $$$ rather than working a 10-7 job. dang.

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