Friday, December 30, 2011

weeks almost over. thank goodness. slowest work week, most dragging days, i don't think five 9 hour shifts could go by slower.
dogs tried their best to cheer me up but really i just want to be home kickin it with them.
steak 'n' shake chili mac
went to the steak n shake again, got some midwest style chili mac. it was good, no skyline for sure, but it was also sitting in a pool of grease that was noodle bed deep. yikes bro.
Black rice and wheat treats for the dogs
whipped up a batch of wheat and black rice treats for the dogs. i like making things that involve cookie cutters. theres a whole second ball of dough in the fridge, needs to get baked tomorrow.

celebrated the ol' anniversary, can't believe its been five years. here's to a solid six...enjoying my new pyrex six year commemorative dish - its already full of cookies.
weekend starts tomorrow, hate to say i'm holding my breath but i am. i need some free time, not at the desk.

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