Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ah. This week has settled down a little bit.
Car has been running normally, maybe I didn't shut a door or something all the way and the battery drained? Tested 12.4V at the battery, jump started it and everythings been fine. Hm.
Still no word from the insurance company about Andrew's truck, though each time he's spoken to someone they've referred to it as a "total loss." Just need to get a settlement total so he can start auto shopping.
We drove the rental out to peek at tacky light houses close to us. This one was pretty awesome.

You roll up to their house, park, and tune your radio to a station that's playing a radio show on loop. The lights all go to the beat of the music. It was pretty cool.

work week is almost done, three days left.
looking forward to teaching a friend how to drive manual in her new truck.
rhodas rig
see, if i totalled a nice new auto and got a large settlement check, this is totally what i would buy. except it would be either a super sick toyota pickup, a volkswagon pickup (either the rabbit body or the bus body styles), or another old muscle car. i wish i'd ever taken pictures of my Ventura, that thing was so sweet. puke green metallic paint, lime green love.

this is the body style, but instead of metal trim down the sides it had lime green pinstriping. the backseat windows rolled down. i loved that car.

the nonsensical choice, but the AWESOME choice. i need to get over my total unswaying love of old stuff and appreciate the reliability of new autos. its just way too hard.

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Kyle Schmidt said...

I’m a little bit curious on what you chose. My vote goes to the muscle car. Although they are old, some of these autos are not yet past their primes. They can still give you amazing road performance. Plus, they look awesome! But the Toyota pickup looks wicked too!