Tuesday, December 13, 2011

last week was CRAZY!
monday the subaru's front brakes seized on river road, doing downhill.
tuesday i came across all those deer parts riding to work.
wednesday andrew rolled his truck on the interstate in a really terrible storm.
thursday egon had a seizure.
friday til now things levelled out, this morning my car wouldn't start.

i swear. whats up, some crazy moon phase, bad horoscope week or something?

the storm that made the puddle in which andrew hydroplaned has sort of ruined our backyard. temporarily. its so damn muddy.
Too much rain
the firepit (two feet deep hole, mind you) is totally full of water. andrew bailed it out only to have it re-fill that day. gross.
in lieu of outdoor activites, i finally got a pasta extruder. did a lot of looking around, review reading, and finally nailed one on craigslist for a GREAT price.
Really excited about my grown up play dough factory
Garlic pasta
first attempt was garlic pasta. you know how much garlic you have to roast to get a half cup of mashed garlic? A WHOLE LOT. like, way more than you would think. an unreasonable amount. the house sure did smell delicious though.
friendsgiving was this weekend, it was most excellent.
Christmas branch
admired mark's christmas branch.

hung out around a nice campfire while TWO turkeys deep fried
there were so many poop stories that pat left! well, he went inside anyway.
and then there was the eating. it was insane. every thanksgiving dish was present, no repeats. last year i think there were three green bean casseroles. this year it was professionally coordinated. so much good food!

we ate, and ate, and ate

until we had to all lay down. good lord.

then it was back out to the campfire to snooze

no really, we were all really full and the fire was warm, it was great.

so tired, took myself home.
came home and this guy was taking up the whole damn couch!
couch potato.
seriously, what a ridiculous dude. look at that smile!
big smile
did some sewing this weekend, knocked out a cool new project, looking forward to another weekend of crafting. this work week needs to hustle by.
made some spinach pasta last night.
fresh spinach pasta dough
i love my new pasta maker. its real exciting and stupid.

sorry for the spoiler, but my relatives are getting a lot of fresh food this christmas. i think its a better gift than a bunch of crap that noone really needs.
ugh and now to dive headfirst into the work week again.
i can only hope for moments of lolz from the dogs and good hangouts with andrew who escaped death or at least injury in his truck accident.
speaking of dog tricks, this little lady has been real into climbing lately.
is there a problem?
climbing on the cat tree thing, standing atop the trash can, who knew i had such a little billy goat?

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