Wednesday, February 8, 2012

well, things are, as always, busy.
finished the chairs, let them cure and dry for a couple days, and i still need to bolt the seats back down.
orig. vinyl seats uncovered!
stoked. love some orange, especially original orange vinyl that matches the original vinyl of my knoll chair.
been stoked on my cast iron, the moms gave me a set of 5 pans that were extras of hers. can't wait for more oven baking. worked up some porkchops, and learned how to make steakhouse style mega steaks in them.
stoked on cast iron cookin
seriously, delicious.
work is busy, sort of. some folks are busy and some folks aren't, the non busy folks just don't come to work so it always feels busy.
Simon's here today!
simon came to hang while his dog mom got a haircut. that dude rules, he has great manners.
andrew got busy in the backyard, again, and moved all the miscellaneous leaves and dirt off the fence so it doesn't rot.
Composting area
thats a lotta shoveling. we now have a fenced off area where we'll compost for time being.
the dogs took advantage of the decent weather and laid around in the yard.
Idle laying in the hole
only after they'd been out there for 6 hours, running their asses off, being wild, did they take a snooze break.
Sleepy pups!
it wiped egon out for the day, but dottie is as always, boundless, when it comes to energy.
seriously, egon was out cold.
Passed out after a hard days work
this guy napped all day long after i came home at 3pm.

managed to talk some thrift store dudes down to 20$ for this dresser too, stoked on that. too big for the bedroom, but makes a good storage unit for the upstairs hallway. chairs and lamps make it cozy, for those moments when your parents facetime you and want a bit of privacy

picked up a tub of blueberries, back on a "eating fresh berries" kick, and the dogs wouldn't feck off. those bostons love berries, they know exactly what the container sounds like when you click it open and they come running from wherever in the house they happen to be.
been getting some crucial egon snuggles. seems like he's had some bad days lately, or at least times where he's not feeling top of the world.
Out cold!
he had another series of seizures a couple nights ago, and after more bloodwork we're upping his phenobarbitol level. he was on a very very low amount, and its just not enough to keep seizures at bay. hopefully this new, slightly larger dose will prevent them, since such a minimal amount was definitely putting them off.
the weekend felt too short, monday i had to go to the salon for a photoshoot for our website. it kind of chopped my day off in half...wasnt really able to start the projects i wanted cause they all would be three quarters or half done by the time i had to go in.
Car ride!
dottie came with me. i figured since it was mandantory for all employees, and she was a former employee, that she should come with.
naturally she was stoked
Dottie came to the salon photoshoot
and got in the photos with me. ha. great, this solidifies my title as crazy boston terrier lady.
read a book this weekend that propmted me to submit an application form to a local boston/boxer rescue to do volunteer work. i'd love to foster, and maybe it'll one day happen, but for now i feel like general volunteer stuff would be best.

otto is on the cover of the book, he was the first boston terrier one of andrew's relatives friends owned. it was a good, quick read.
i decided that 2012 was my year of giving more, in different ways. i've already donated $$$ to some good projects on kickstarter, now i'd like to concentrate on time. i think i'm gonna facebook around for old bed pillows (i sew zip off covers for em and voila, dog beds) to donate after they're fixed up as dog beds. i'll keep on the prowl for memory foam too for old dogs. i'll keep making my own dogs treats and if time allows, make enough to give to rescue groups. if i make a batch every few weekends, thats way more than my dogs can eat. grainfree, homemade from fresh organic ingredients, thats whats up. i also started emailing around to take a dog cpr class. good to know how to do and be certified in, esp since my stupid little dogs hork down their food so fast that they choke and get all snotty.
i'm also gonna get another old ass vehicle this year. i can already feel it. there are too many cool rides in my neighborhood, its too tempting.
2012: fuck it!

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