Tuesday, February 14, 2012

seeds came in the mail. goal for this coming weekend is to get them mostly started, with a real deal timeline. i also need to start plotting the garden. raised beds this year with defined pathways. i'm real excited.
Seeds arrived
kicked off my weekend with a trift adventure, took the long way to petersburg and hit several flea markets, salvages, and thrift stores on the way.

sweet camaro roadside. wish i'd stopped for a photo by every sweet auto for sale, would've made a great album.

love the decal kit.
after thrifting went on a long mountainbike ride. took the brownway to the greenway, to north bank then rode the new trails at dogwood dell. they're not finished yet, but they are SO FUN. and having a bike path thru the woods from my house to the greenway is real tight. so stoked on rogue efforts.
video to come, soon.
naturally, spent time with dogs.
these guys were extra sweet.
laying in the sun, chewing on toys.

being sweet to each other. when they're not busy scrappin and running around, they're a real pair of sweeties.

they seemed pretty tired after the long weekend, full of yard adventure.

they were pretty much content to snooze in the sun, going outside for brief runs.
at one salvage spot i came across this freakin AWESOME tension lamp. i've always wanted to have like SIX of these.
New tension lamp
everytime i have a little extra cash and search for em, they run 50-300 for messed up, broken ones to pristine super cool ones. managed to finaggle this one for 30$, and even though the light sockets were totally scary, they worked. i can't believe i plugged it in as it was.
And now to fix it...
i decided to try my hand at rewiring it. seems easy, right? three way switch, pretty easy.
this was the least offensive of all the sockets...

it held a bulb, wasn't shattering into pieces, and didn't look as poorly wired as the others.
sketchytown wiring
i'm shocked that these were working, but they were.
took some snaps of the original sockets and rolled into home depot on a mission. found a pretty close replacement for 3$ a pop. tight!
Doin thangs
armed with some electrical basics, i jumped right in.

a long time ago, before the safari was a pretty moped at all, chance was helping me with some wiring issues. he told me to always mock up your electrical before you tuck it all away and make it perfect/pretty, cause if you've done something wrong its such a pain in the ass to take it all apart once you've routed it all. truth. its stuck with me forever, with so many different projects.
reworked all the little ball/sockets where the lamps were supposed to swivel. lubed em up after a cleaning. they actually swivel now!

and yep. finally, a nice tension lamp. so stoked, such an easy project and a worthwile upgrade.

this is my project for monday...just needs a little work to make it a solid fixture. the legs were put on in a crappy halfassed way, and as a result warped the mounting fixtures over time. it'll be an easy fix (i think).
andrew agreed to come with me to one salvage spot this weekend, there are a couple lamps i'd like to go back and snag. i'm on a mega quest for nice lighting since i have a lot of furniture in place.
keeping an eye out for a nice, vintage hanging porch light and more ceiling fixtures that i can hang to replace the ones upstairs.

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