Friday, February 24, 2012

This week has been crazy. Called in to work early almost every day, stylists out sick. I hate the long days but they're usually spaced out..this week has been awful with them.
Yesterday the transmission on the work washing machine blew out, and the diamond springs water fountain almost caught on fire. Second one in less than six months, glad I've been at work both times to unplug.

All that brown is burned styro. The first one that broke a couple months ago started boiling...the five gallon jug of water was freaking boiling. Terrifying, and when I called Diamond Springs that was apparently a real common issue. "oh yeah, thats the element, no worries we'll be out to switch out the unit." No bigs, its just gotten so hot that its boiling a plastic container full of about 4 gallons of water.
Cray cray.
In more awesome news, I scored some really cool new fabrics.
Sweet new fabric scores!!!
My coworker's partner works at a big design firm in town and said he's gonna start bringing me the fabric samples they get from material design firms...this go about was a huge brown bag FULL of cool stuff. All heavy fabric, like upholstery material. I'm super stoked.
AAAAAnd I got to cook dinner for a baby this week! Nicole brought Tucker over for dinner, and I genuinely had no idea what almost-1-year-old babies eat. He was stoked on the ravioli I made from garden squash and pumped on roasted beets...broccoli was good too until he realized that he liked beets and ravioli better. Haha.
Dinner was Tucker-approved!
Shoulda made a video of the Bostons LOVING Tucker, Dottie could not deal with herself. That guy got his face licked about a million times. When I put them upstairs so that he could eat in peace, they just lost their minds. Silly dogs.
Almost at my weekend...looking so forward to it. Srsly trying to get the engine back assembled and put on the raven.

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