Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So. We bought a house! And it really happened, nothing went wrong!
We spent the last four days moving, and still have more to do.

For now, we have a huge yard for dogs and a radtastic house to get cozy in.
Very eggcite.
Keys to the house!
Big backyard
there are even daffodills coming up already! suprise!
Pre existing shooting range in our new yard
dag, we even found a range in the backyard!
I guess the dogs like the yard allright...
mostly the dogs want to run and play. chase sticks, and fight each other in bloody horrible battles. just kidding, they are not bloody or horrible, just funny.
also, there are lots of slugs and other exciting bugs in the backyard. i dont think i'll like the slugs after i start a garden, but i am not afeared to put out delcious beer for them to get drunk on and drown in. stupid slugs.
First dinner in the new house
we made a very special first dinner in our new home, we were so so tired but couldn't resist the chance to make it very special.

we also have a large fancy new fridge, it is full of all kinds of delicious things to eat.
now we are at that part of moving where you are very tired, but need to unpack. mostly we just want to sit around with the dogs, well i do at least, but we have to be brave and keep moving loads of the stuff we haven't moved yet that i wish would just disappear. obviously, if it hasn't made it to the new house, then it can't be that important anyway, right?

The dogs were getting used to the yard, their new kingdom, when lo and behold up from the earth came a rouge tree root, right out of the gravel, and thirsting for blooooooooood!!!!!

thank good ness the dogs were there to save me.

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