Thursday, January 20, 2011

So life is happening, we live in two places but mostly stay in one, its a lot of work though for right now. Still moving a little bit, but not much left.
Dog life is good, Dottie likes the commute to work almost as much as I do now. From home, thru Church Hill (M Street is the ticket!) to the interstate for a fast second then in Carytown. Not too shabby, ESPECIALLY since I don't have to go near VCU. Eff that, students there are real dummies, they walk into the street without looking at all. Drivers are so mad that they act like fools too, rushed and crazy. I'm so glad to avoid that.
Dottie's hard commute to work
So life is life, we are busy and tired and it is good. The dogs are happy, and thats good too. I haven't been cooking big meals cause I don't have time, but I'm pretty sure things will begin to be more normal after this weekend.
Til then, heres a picture of the dogs!
Guess who has a cheeze-doodle?

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