Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lets talk about college some more. When I was 19 and in college I moved into an apartment in the "hell block" of Grace Street. I moved in with two dudes that I didn't know but that had posted a hilarious ad in Punchline. Derek Gordon and Alex Nixon, two friends that would make my life hilarious.
Derek was vegan
and Alex was vegetarian (i think.) and he loved to eat raw spaghetti noodles with nutella.
Derek used to deliver pizza for Dominos and Alex worked at VCU, both were in school, and they were both the funniest people I think I had ever met. There were jokes on jokes on jokes all day, everyday.
We had a hobo that lived in our backyard, Bill, and a possum that used to terrorize us. One day I found a motorcycle in the alley and dragged it into the backyard, when we would have cookouts the motorcycle would be a serving tray. It was pretty trashed.
Oh man, and we had rats in the most horrible way. We would trap them and keep a tally...us versus rats.
Alex used to cook this spaghetti all the time that had feta and onions and mushrooms and lots of olive oil, and I loved it. Over the years I changed it a little (by baking it and sometimes not adding mushrooms) and still think about those dudes when I make it.

Get your ingredients out.

Go ahead and start some water boiling in a big pot. Add some sea salt and some Almond Oil so your noodles don't stick.

Now chop up an onion while your water is heating.

Sautee your onion over medium heat, use Almond Oil or a little mid-grade olive oil.

I like to add spices to the onions while they are cooking. I like even parts Rosemary, Parsley, and Basil.

Hey! That water is boiling! Add your pasta and let them soften their way into the water.

Watch your onions like a HAWK! You want them to be translucent and lightly browned, but not burned or crispy.

Once they hit that point, I take about two tablespoons of sugar and sprinkle it all over them. Let it sit and sizzle for a minute or two.

Add a little bit of water.

Cover it for a second or two to really let the onions soften and steam.

Uncover it and let the onions cook until the water is gone (hey that's called reducing!) and you are left with shiny, delicious, sweet onions.

Dude, your pasta is done! Strain the water out and dump it in a big mixing bowl. Pour in some Extra Virgin Olive oil and mix evenly.

Add your onion mixture.

Add about a cup of feta cheese.

INCORPORATE IT! Isn't that a funny internet video, the special guy that cooks food and salad???

Grease a large baking dish.

Add your pasta mix.

Cover it in smoked provolone.

Cover it with foil and bake it at 400ish for a while, I dunno, maybe 20 minutes? Then take the foil off and bake it uncovered for five minutes or so.
Let it cool for a second then eat so much of it that you have to go right to bed!

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