Tuesday, January 4, 2011

good gad, i've been so busy! no time for internets!

first, there was new years eve. we ate waffles and had beers then rode home to celebrate midnight amongst the gunshots and fights.
Some wayward axe weilding maniac stopped by our apartment last night
in the middle of the night, an axe murderer came by our apartment building and decided to celebrate new years too.

door lights, much like sky lights, greatly improve the resale value of your property. they're all the rage.

we took pictures like the shining.
January 1, day one of packing
we spent most of the day new years day packing, or starting to pack i mean. it was rainy and grey, so no big deal.
2011...year of dining out
before we packed we did go get breakfast at 821, it was awesome.
Fantabulous feast New Years Day
then, as a present to ourselves, we went to red lobster
Oh gad, ludicrous dinner
sheesh, how did we even walk home?
Egon is a helpful packer
mostly, we packed. and the dogs helped.

January 2, 2012, day 2 of packing
day two of packing, i basically just made a huge mess

i found a photo of my parents playing a crazy game

i also found documented proof of the time i threw up on the tarmac after a long and turbulent ride in a very small plane

i found proof of the level of classiness of our new neighbors in the hallway

i took the dogs to the park to run like wolves

mostly they ate sticks and wandered
Larus park
then i ran an errand and put the dogs to rest at home, and went for a mountain bike ride. it was a glorious day.
Which one is the cutest?
even though they were very tired, the dogs still wanted to help pack
January 3, 2011, day three of packing.
mostly we organized until we were too tired to do anything else

then we went to bed! and here we are now, on the verge of another chili party, full of life and good feelers because WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE AND MOVING IN TEN DAYS!

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