Friday, January 7, 2011

every time i make some recipe that involves celery, i can't stop thinking about cell biology. chopped up celery has always reminded me of mitochondria, my favorite component of cells.

gather some of the usual suspects. today i decided we would do four of each, because this is a vegetarian soup (but not sXe) and i really like hearty soups.

cut things up. check out those celery bits, dude. i dunno why, but chopping them up always leads to a long mental thought process that starts with me remembering my college days, and my biology classes, and HOW MANY TIMES OVER AND OVER I ILLUSTRATED CELLULAR BIOLOGY. i think i could do it in my sleep. well, i am definily beyond my college and high school bio classes, and sometimes i forget things. so the more i chop, the more i struggle to remember all the names of the parts of a cell. it always leads to me looking it up, basically google searching for a quick cell diagram.
like this.
its a bummer, i guess, that i can't always remember the names of things like centrioles, which i feel like because of their awesome shape, i would remember.
well go ahead and turn your crockpot on. i used three cups of vegetable broth as a base, but in retrospect i'd use two.

go ahead and put your vegetables in there. add tomatos, cause you kind of want a tomatoey base if you are like me. today i had really limited time to make dinner so i used canned diced tomatoes, which i usually never do.
i used to go to a taco night at this bar that used canned tomatos on their tacos and it was such a barffest that i really really get grossed out by them still.

you picked over and soaked your white beans right? i didn't. i'm so bad at soaking beans, something that seems infinitely simple. literally every single time i've ever soaked chick peas they've sprouted. every. damn. time. i need instant gratification, i hate waiting ESPECIALLY when it comes to dinner.
well, you're gonna want about three cups of white beans.
rinse em and put em in the crockpot.

add some spices. in retrospect, add some thyme and maybe a little more sea salt.

put some gaddamm wine in there. something white and dry. this pepperwood was not dry enough, wat was i thinking?
mince up some garlic, maybe three or four cloves, and put it in the pot too.

get rid of the sinkful of veggie waste you have, be brave, use the disposal. i love mine, i in-sink-erate every single thing that i possibly can. my friend, a small applicance repair man, told me never to in-sink-erate greens...they'll fuck your shit up bigtime. have you smelled bad greens in the trash, my friend? it is horrible. so just take them out immeaditely, or better yet, eat em all and don't let em go to waste.
now that all your ingredients are in the crockpot, top it off with fresh spinach. it'll cook as the soup cooks.

go ahead and put the lid on, go do some other stuff. last night i couldn't wait and had pizza instead. oops. well we all can't be perfect anyway.
you know what? this soup base didn't thicken like i wanted it to. i reccomend you save a cup or have an extra cup of beans to put in the blender and then add to the mix. it'll make you happier i think. thats what i'm gonna do anyway.

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