Tuesday, November 29, 2011

five days off for thanksgiving.
volunteered working a registration table for a moto ride to benefit a school for autism where my friend works.

they raised about 3500$, which is great for an early morning event on a holiday.
after that it was off to moms for thanksgiving "lunch," then off to andrews folks for dessert. hooked up the sega in the interim, and have been playing sonic 1 and 2 constantly. oops.
Tuffys sweet scarf
my aunts great little mini schnausers were at the family t-giving, those dogs are real cute. fun to hang with.

been meaning to get a care package to Sharon, and made her a fancy back patch. i really want to a series of these, all the places we regularly ride mopeds to. dog shit bridge is a good favortie, but players club, shit lake, lost richmond, the pipeline, and a bunch of others need to be made.

when you tell someone about a "fabric collage" project you wanta do, you sound like a nerdy quilting craft and cat lady. not really what i mean by it, but what else do you call it, making those patches?

pat had a birthday get together for marshall, went over for volcano firepit.

good folks were in town for the holiday.

ran into rachel, not the girl making the stinkface, at lamplighter, long lost sister friend. a fellow monroe, she lives in baltimore now and is soon to move again.

it was fun, and chilly so the firepit was needed.
after a while a projector appeared, and we watched the new FBM video in the empty pool.
Movies in the pool
tried to move the winnie in the yard, to set it up in its winter spot. we have some concrete footers that will hold nice jackstands, so we can properly get it off the wheels for cold weather.
Took the winnebago mud boggin, got it stuck. Got a 20,000lb winch i can borrow?
uh, well the rv sank in the yard and got stuck. now its sinking into the mire like atreyu....

still working on getting it out of the hole, the rain today didn't help.
as any good holiday, there was a lot of chillage even though we both had stuff to do.
These dudes know how to chill!
these guys rule the roost at anytime naps.
andrew detailed the front yard, getting all the leaves together into a man-sized-tall pile of leaves. hauled em to the backyard to compost, and let dottie at em. she loves jumping in new leafpiles, never seen another dog take so much delight in it.

took some dog photos yesterday so i can send out new magnets.
our dogs are ridiculous.
egon was super sleepy, most of the photos his eyes are squinty, little sleepy guy.
they came out hilarious, which is good.
prints are ordered, magnets will be made, and cards will be mailed with magnets. tight.
back to work after five days off is the pitts. trying to find something to look forward to aside from the weekend, but its kinda bleak. bummer.

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