Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ah halloween happened, it was fun. Went to a small but filled-with-lovable-and-high-quality-folks salon party. DD-ed everyone home, and hungout for a little longer.
julie and i went as bad news bears, the costume may be ressurected next year with more teammates. it was pretty funny.
blanket burrito
colder weather has set in, and i've been spending more time snuggling with my fuzzy best friends.
cold weather has led to more bonfires too, which sometimes involve dinner in the workshop space with dogs.
Cafe Garage
big plans.
a little wren has made the sideporch his new sleeping spot, he's been there every night until last night.

he crashes out so hard that i was able to get about six inches away from him, wobbling on a chair, taking cell phone pics of him.
little wrens, sleeping on the porch
hope that dude comes back, its nice seeing him in his spot every night.
wildlife in the yard has been off the hook. letting the dogs out to pee at night requires total supervision. three nights in a row we had an owl in the yard, and he was back last night after about a week's absence.
the bostons treed a raccoon last week, they can't stop looking up in the tree now when they go out to pee. never forget, raccoon in tree. haha.
Sick day snugglers
spent a day off work on the couch, sick. stupid long lasting headcold.
thankfully the bostons follow suit, and are content to lay around with you when you're feeling it.
Sick day snuggs
the toyota has pretty much crapped out, i'm so over it i've just been walking and biking everywhere. need a break from the constant mechanicals. voltage regulator from toyota is the incorrect year. thanks guys. love driving thirty minutes and paying 40$ for the wrong part.
i'm so over the yota, in fact, that i put it on craigslist for sale/trade. its not what i need right now in transportation in the form of four wheels, and its causing more stress than help. lemme get your old subaru loyale, i'll trade you a sick old 4x4 yota.
Sign at Cary and Nansemond
as a result of more walking and biking, you the the chance to see things you wouldn't really notice. this gem has been floating around on local tumblrs and on facebook, saw it about a week or so ago at cary and nansemond. good times.
Bonjour winter project...
pushing thoughts of working on the truck aside, i'm pepped to fix up the raven this winter. nice 90cc kit, mags with good brakes, a sweet lil step thru frame, here goes...
morning ride
commuted through the clouds today. unexpected dense fog makes for a fun ride.
it may be a little long of a ride to work, and i may roll into the salon not looking so top notch, but its fun.
wasn't expecting this morning to be so densely foggy
fork is back together on the orbea, and its such a fun bike to ride. i need to start waking up a little earlier so i can ride northbank fully to work. mtbing is awkward with a reload bag on your back stuffed full of a change of clothes, boots or other fancy lady shoes, and your lunch. unexpectedly weighty, but whatevs.
very interested in what the future may bring. new bike shop opening on the horizon, by a highschool friend thats moving back to rva from portland/cali, may be just the place to carry a lot of the cycling stuff i've been making and etsying. intersting times, as always, scheming any possible way to sew instead of book appointments.

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