Tuesday, November 15, 2011

had a bonfire this weekend, and with ten folks being loud and raging flames, the owl was back! idle let out a random woof and ran into the garden about ten feet behind us, as the owl came swooping through. he was creepin!
what a jerk.
Cuttin wood like a man should
split some wood so we can have another campfire this weekend too.
reorganized the backyard...moved the rv to a different spot to start planning where we're gonna put it up on jacks for the winter. big plans for the brave...rebuild carb, address fuel lines, etc.
old asco hubs
started pulling together all my toyota crap. old asco hubs...
and parts of the spare solid axle

pick a knuckle, any knuckle...
loaded it all into the toyota thinking that a prospective buyer would actually show up as promised.
pile of all my toyota crap
they no showed...but i've got another buyer lined up tonight. good lord, lemme tell you how heavy and awkward differentials are to carry!
all the yota stuff is together except for a door in the house, the cab is jammed full. so much stuff. hope this dude tonight loves it like i do.
man, other than epic yardwork, this weekend was sort of a wash. was just biding time til the yota left the driveway, but that didn't happen. crap.
need to order a rebuild kit for my minarelli and get cracking on that. though i guess with holidays fast approaching i should throw that $$ toward gifts. dang.

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