Saturday, November 19, 2011

new wagon
picked up a subaru wagon yesterday from craigslist, a score at $500.
legacy wagon butt
i don't expect much from a car that cost that little, but in the short test drive i took, i listened for ball joint/axle noise, checked oil cap and radiator for oil/antifreeze contamination, noted an oil leak but saw it leak NO oil while i let it sit for about fifteen minutes, shifted through all gears smoothly, and in general ran every electrical thing i could think of. no problems. hm.
hiiiiiiigh miles for no engine work
highest miles i've ever seen, never been in a car thats rolled over 300k and is still running great. bought from the original owner, dude watched every mile tick by as he drove to the mountains and back every weekend.
its already got some interesting quirks...if you are running the heat the car will not cut off. as in, you could take the key out and walk away, but engine is running, car will drive, electrics will work. interesting.
oh well. good to have another dog wagon/enclosed hauling vehicle.

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