Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tuesday of last week i woke up with the worst back pain. i had to roll myself out of bed, couldn't sit up. embarassing, right? all week long i hobbled around, hurtin. it put a hefty damper on things.
with a second new voltage regulator on my truck, my charge light was still coming on. took it to the shop, again.
they checked it over (i told them it was my first time replacing an alternator and while it seemed simple, there is always the possiblity i did something wrong) and they found that there is some sort of short in the wiring system.
basically i need to find it now, and fix it.
the heater has decided to come on, full blast, now. no turning it on or off.
also, the gauges work sometimes, not always, but usually halfway through the drive to work they have worked/not worked at least twice.
there is a sweet spot on the dash, if i press it hard, all the gauges work all the time.
interesting, right?

saturday after work i called a massage therapist friend to please help me, she did, then i had mexican food, and i felt so good that i slept outside by a campfire. it was awesome until i woke up covered in frosty dew. brrrrrrrr!
Lazy Sunday
that said, its been hoodie weather all weekend.
both bostons have been rocking their purple sweats.

sunday morning i made fat kid breakfast for me and andrew, chocolate chip pancakes! i forgot we had whipped cream, but he didnt.
Fat kid breakfast
then we hit up the southside for a mega fun shopping adventure where i bought nothing.
i made a big batch of brunswick stew that simmered in the crockpot all day while we shopped. we came home and made another campfire, but sat in the garage and ate and talked about big plans for expanding/re-working the garage as a sweet workshop space for rv/moped/bike/woodworking stuff.
monday i frittered around the house with the dogs, doing chores and enjoying the pretty lovely weather.

later on julie and i went for a halloween costume search, and were getting pretty bummed by the third store with no luck. we got it together, and i had some good luck today, so we're back on track. gonna get together in a day or two to finalize things.
Real spiders apparently love fake spiderweb!
the real spiders got wise at our house, and started hanging out next to the fake ones. smooth move, guys, verrrrry smart.
halloween is right around the corner, the porch is still looking spooky (extra spooky with real spiders) and i'm stoked!

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