Friday, October 14, 2011

so i left work last saturday in high hopes. lots of plans for the weekend, including andrews birthday.
Wall, doggg
this dog was creepin on my as i walked to my truck down belmont ave. yikes.
The only brindle pup out of the neighbors dogs litter of 8
neighbors puppies are getting big

the only brindle one is a bossy, vocal little female. funny.
the weekend was a blur, the only things of note on saturday afternoon/evening and sunday were epic snuggs from my lil beaners.
i love lazy dogs that are high energy too
Epic snuggle sesh this am!
also, i got my cluster backlights to work, that was a big victory.
cluster lights!!!  YEAH!!!
plus one for being able to see your gauges at night!
keep passing this truck in church hill, sick roll bar and lift kit
i like seeing it, all white, with a rejection inspection too. haha.
monday was andrews birthday, he ran off to mountain bike for a few hours in the am. caught lunch with his mom later.
came home and chilled, then had a pizza party/skate sesh at the bike lot, cardinal sins bowl get together.
made him a dozen and a half key lime tarts and a rich chocolate cake with meringues.
Birthday meringues for Andrew
something about making meringues always gets me wasted on sugar. wether its the grinding up regular sugar into finer particles or the constant whisking, i always end up totally wired, and literally sugar high.
birthday was a success, gifts were given and liked, it was a fun night with friends and skating and pizza/cake and he was stoked. thats whats up.
so things were good. i thought.

went to work on tuesday, came home on lunch to let the dogs out, went back to my truck and it wouldn't start. eh? i hadn't left lights on, but the battery seemed dead. did i mention its been raining for several days now? that always makes auto repair so much more fun, especially when you're working with electrics.

called roadside assistance for a jump, meanwhile my neighbor came home and hooked it up. truck was running, no bigs. got gas, got it jumped again at the gas station. battery wasn't charging? went to advance auto, got diagnosed with bad alternator. luckly, mercy was taken and i was given a random big discount on a new alt and voltage regulator.
parts arrived early the next day, i went and picked em up. pulley was bent. brought it back. swapped pulleys. had to go to work, time was just not on my side.

biked home from work in the dark. installed new parts. jump started truck, let idle for 30 min. went to drive around for a little bit to really recharge battery, the moment i cut the lights on, the truck died. WTF.
alternator was not charging the battery. why, oh why? then it started pouring, so i called it quits and went to bed.

looking around online this morning, i found some problems. i knew that the alternator i had on the truck was #14273...and the one ordered to replace it was #14274. so what did that mean? the other alternators available according to the computer system were black plug, and mine was green plug. welllllllll. here's what it means.
14273 was a green plug, where the pins referred to F, E, and N on the back of the alternator.
14274 was also available with a green plug (it also comes in black plug thats a different pin style) but the pins go to L, E, and F wires internally.
you can tell which alternator you need by counting the wires that go to the voltage regulator, 5 wires mean LEF or 14274, 6 wires mean FEN or 14273.
now, i'd counted wires to the voltage regulator to order a new one. there were six. that important detail wasn't really listed as a defining quality of the alternators in the advance auto computer system.
so i guess my next move is to see if they'll switch em out for me. order me a FEN and swap it for the LEF.
i have a funny feeling it won't be that easy.

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