Tuesday, October 18, 2011

things are never simple.
i didn't feel like messing with my truck AT ALL when i started my weekend at 3pm on saturday.
Struggle for possession of the front window
the weather was perfect, i opened all the windows in the house and cleaned.
dottie and brown cat were busy competing for the window seat up front
Hey cat, give me my window seat back!
the afternoon wore on, i got tired of cleaning, so called a few friends and decided to have a campfire.

it was a perfect night for it. cool weather, hot fire.

cooked some hot dogs. crystal brought over fresh, warm cinnamon rolls, and i had key lime tarts left from andrews birthday. sugar overload. wasted on dessert!
Campfire snuggles
we both ended up falling asleep outside, the dogs snuggled up on us and it was warm and perfect.
woke up at 2am, cold because the fire had totally died down, and went inside to bed proper.
woke up to another glorious bout of weather.

dicked around cleaning, made cranberry/orange buttermilk scones

(i have a massive amount of buttermilk to use up), and started decorating the house for halloween.
i had picked up a new soccerball for Egon on Saturday, so he played outside for about an hour, knocking it around until it got stuck in a muddy low spot under the rv.
he got a bath, and dottie made fun of him the whole time from the sidelines.
dottie wants to help
his face was slobbery and muddy, and his legs were gross.
sad dude
i love bathtime for boston terriers, because afterward, they are like jello. they're all fired up while they're a little wet, then they crash HARD.
Melting face snuggle pup
i dicked around decorating the porch all day, just kinda putzing around in the gorgeous weather.
wooly bear caterpillar
found a cool wooly bear caterpillar. he wouldn't stretch out, just sat curled up in my hand til i put him back down.
monday i finished decorating the porch.
its pretty spooky by day
daytime spooky porch
and even spookier by night
spoooooooky porch
julie came over monday and helped me hang bats, we had scones and coffee and the dogs were total assholes.
lookit those bats!
but the bats came out so awesome. i love it.
monday i figured i'd procrastinated long enough on the alternator issue. i pulled it out of the truck again and returned it.
picked up the new CORRECT one this morning at 745 and installed it. drove my truck to work with the charge light flickering on and off. boooooooooo
dropped it at my mechanic, feeling hopeless and pissed off. the voltage at the battery with the truck running was 13.69 volts, which is fine. with lights on, it dropped to 12.3 volts. not good.
voltage regulator isn't working...the brand new voltage regulator i mean. its been on my truck for five days. so its going back to the store tonight, i'm gonna put the old regulator back on and hope that it still works. we'll see what happens from there. if this doesn't work my truck is gonna get a viking funeral

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