Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This weekend was all truck, all the time.
Im good at taking things apart
Saturday after work I redid so much wiring, spliced all kinds of wires that were oddly severed (I thought certainly they wouldn't work) but they all did!
Techincally the lisence plate lights should've failed inspection, but they went unnoticed. I know that with my luck, if they don't work, I'll get pulled over and ticketed. The old lights were dangling, literally, held on with some sort of magic!
Old shredded lisence plate light fixtures
And the wires to the plugs at the wiring harness were cut. I spliced em, and the old wires all still worked, the actual fixure was just dry rotted and broken.
New bulb socket, meet old gasket
New sockets were available at the auto shop for $4 each, so I bought two, and cut them to fit in the old gaskets.
Easy breezy
easy breezy, done and done.
Then I installed 4 new side marker lights. The box of crap that came with the truck had two new fixtures in it, and I had one leftover from the last Hilux, so I ordered one more from eBay and did the same dremel cut to get them all to fit.
Cool, working lights are the jam. I took apart the side marker light that is part of the headlight housing (the driver side one failed inspection because it wasn't working) and filed the connections. Viola, light works! With all kinds of glee, I moved on to tackling the floorboard prep.
Took the seat out to examine the situation.
Seat out. Gross!!!!
Gross, man, there was so much dirt and grime. Found 35 cents,5 spare lugnuts, and a lot of weird trash.
Got busy with the shop vac and cleaned it out. Scrubbed it all down with soapy water.
interior floor is not as bad as my last toyota!
Interior rust wasn't as bad as the last toyota, but was still pretty gnar.

But the body mounts were pretty bad. Thats for sure.

I slept on it and decided to just fiberglass patch it all. I know its kind of a crappy "fix", but knowing my luck with vehicles, I don't really know how long I'll have this truck. I had the subaru from August '10 to February '11, and the other hilux from March '11 to August '11, so lets just see how long this truck survives my luck.
fiberglass mat, cut to fit
cut fiberglass fabric to fit the general shape. cut two big ones for each side, then did a couple smaller sheets of fabric to reinforce the areas that were open holes, as well as metal screening.
fiberglass/resin patch
rigged up a light for extra heat since the temp yesterday only hit 60.

all said and done, I coated the outside at the wheel well with rubber undercoating, and then coated the inside with it as well.
Everything got a good scrub down, and its a lot quieter and less exhaust fumey to drive!
Now its back at the shop, hopefully getting the brake fluid leak squared away. Brought the mechanics a dozen doughnuts from Country Style as a thank you for the big discount on parts/labor.
Lets hope its back in my life later today so I don't have to bum a ride home from work!

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