Thursday, September 22, 2011

you know that saying about plans and their wayward nature, well the last week and a halfish has pounded that adage home.
oh the truck. lets talk about that. took it for inspection and it failed. duh, holes in the floorpans just like the last one. whatever, i'm okay with that. its simple and fixable. needed horn work (thankfully i'm a pro with reconnecting hilux horns apparently), a seatbelt (i'm good at the junkyard too)
VICTORYYYY! all your seatbelt are belong to me
and a tie rod. whatever.
went to the pick n pull and didn't have the one socket i needed d'oh!
pick n pull
went back a few days later and claimed the seatbelt i needed. ready to roll, i thought.
and then the brakes went out. booster was bad, i knew that from the moment i bought it. then the master cylinder went. the brand new master cylinder.
so in additon to the $500ish I was planning on shelling out to get it past inspection, i ended up dropping another $500 for a brake booster, master cylinder, and shop labor. greeaaat.
ugh. i quit old trucks. not really. but yes really.
feeling so shot down, its a bummer. at least the guys at the garage are real posi, they love old toyotas too.
ugh. lets move on.
it was large caterpillar day last weekend, on sunday.
andrew found this guy
creepy pointy legs
and aptly named him MR CREEPERS
cool spots and awesome hairs
his hairs were hilarious. he was waiting for me in a plastic soda bottle when i came home. i let him go the next morning.
imperial moth caterpillar
he was large and in charge, and i hope he pupates well.

he will turn into a bodacious imperial moth
Imperial Moth - Eacles imperialis
later in the day i found a tobacco hornworm on my green pepper plants.
tobacco horn worm
it was clear that the very recent colder weather was making all the big bugs consider pupating or launching into whatever transitional stage of life they were next inclined.
all the bugs that were out were very stoic, except for the asshole mosquitos of course.
found another mantis, who was just content to observe the action around her.

dottie, of course, could't stay away from whatever thing i was crouching to film, and nearly trampled her. whadda jerk.
Dotties glamour shot
been waking up early and taking time to sit with the dogs and enjoy a cup of coffee, feels like a good way to ring in the colder weather.
hopefully things will look up a bit with the truck situation here and i'll be less bummed, but its hard when most everyone hates on it. oh well. it'll get me to work and back, and hopefully i'll get to enjoy at least $1000 worth of fun times in it.
shern is moving to tuscon, i'm gonna save up $$ and go visit her, buy my dream truck from the desert. everything here on the east coast is so rotten. it wouldn't be a bummer to invest a lot of money in a 31 year old truck if the frame didn't look like swiss cheese.
long term plan.
visit shern and caroline
love life
buy a truck
drive it home
haters gonna hate

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