Friday, September 30, 2011

So genforum found my etsy shop and ordered some stuff...on my way to the post this morning I noticed a drip fall out of my truck engine bay...popped the hood and watched fluid dripping out of my brand new brake booster.
I think perhaps I am not currently destined to be driving. Or something like that anyway.
So I called the shop, who was of course mortified and gracious and said please please bring it right back to us. They are closed tomorrow for a long weekend but I am taking it back on Monday. Here's to another weekend of no driving around, scared the brakes will give out though I'm sure that wouldn't happen.

It was my plan this weekend to work on the truck a bit, which I'll still do. Install the new horn ground plate/screw, check out my running light situation (aka plug up new lights to the existing wiring harness and cross my fingers that they work), address the one weird side marker light thats out (sand the rusty contacts and put in another new bulb and cross my fingers that that fixes the issue), and prep the rusty crap for a repaint. If I have time and energy, I may install the new door on the drivers side. I need to do that before it gets painted...note to self.
Shoot I also need to replace fuses that don't appear burned out, the lights that illuminate the speedo and gas gauge/temp gauge don't work. The other lights come on when you cut the headlights on (the one over the slider for heat/ac) just not the ones on the dash cluster. Interesting.
Getting a friend with a spray gun to just go over the truck in black. Sorry, the yellow blob really ruins my day, and the green is hilarious but I'm over it.
It might not look like such a heap of crap if its all black? Thats my hope and plan.

Last night, after work, I checked Mr. Egon's awful spots again and they were looking worse.
Day three, lookin worse
Big and gross. He had popped some of them (Please accept my apology if you're eating and reading this) and the ones that had drained looked better...I mean I guess anything that doesn't have a pus head is better looking right? UGH GROSS.

He certainly isn't acting too bothered by the spots, though he is taking his bedtime a bit earlier these days. I'm sure thats mostly from the antihistime he gets with dinner.
He's at the vet today so the doctor can see the spots and check em. This morning the spots looked better. Less pus, less red. The antibiotics are kicking in and for that I'm very thankful.
Snuggle face

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