Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kissed the 'yota goodbye on Sunday/Monday. A young lady in Massachusetts (dang thats a long drive!) wanted it and sent her uncle from Manassas to check it out. They towed it away early Monday am.
Farewell truck friend.
Safari leaves on the 15th, to a good local home. I'm on a major getting rid of shit kick.
I'm going to get rid of my old horror movie collection, and probably donate most of my books to Books Bikes and Beyond. If its still in a box from the move in February, I'm letting it go. Too much holding me down in life lately, and I want to be freed up.
Commute this week has been wonky. Monsoon style rain, all week. What are we, Seattle/Portland???
river's high
Since the Orbea MTB is laid up needing fork service, I've been kicking it on the Miyata
Miyata alumicross, good ol' bike
Whats in my basket today?
Whats in my basket today, you ask? NOTHING! The road are wet and the dirt paths and trails are muddy, so nothing in there please.
Love the Miyata, aside from its steep gear, its a fun bike to ride. Cyclocross tires et al make for a good adventure.
ol' trusty
Made for a really muddy ride to work. Last night I went out into the yard in the dark, barefoot, to pick basil for dinner. It was so gross, the ground had about an inch of standing water on it through most of the yard. The firepit is now a pond, the tops of the 3 foot cement sides barely poking up through the waters surface. Gross. Mosquito/mold/mushroom heaven.

The warmth plus humidity/rain makes for a gross ride into work. Well, the getting dirty isn't the bummer, its rolling into work at the fancy lady salon looking like a swamp creature. Wearing rain gear right now sucks, cause its warm, and after a solid 45 mintues of pedalling you'd rather be wet than in a sweat tent.
my favorite parts of my commute
The hurricanocaine season needs to quit it, I prefer sunny pleasant commutes. I want to be able to ride the trails most of the way in, not roads.
my favorite parts of my commute
At least the influx of water has washed the shit-stink of the james river away for now. There were some GIANT fish tanking around today down near the pipeline, wish I could've stopped longer to see em.
This weekend holds a special secret adventure, I can't tell you about it until its already happened, lest I jinx myself.

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