Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SO this weekend I had a good adventure.
Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, rented a car, drove to Maryland, and bought another Hilux.
I found it on craigslist...
photo of new truck from craigslist ad
where it was advertised with these photos
photo of new truck from craigslist ad
as well as a long description detailing all the new parts. new remanufactured engine, nice header and exhaust, master cylinder, slave cylinder, alternator, tires, and more.
i was pumped, to say the least.
got to maryland and was suprised by a new paint job.
new truck love
don't look too close, you'll get tetanus

the green certainly is hilarious, and i think it probably makes the truck FASTER.
i'm genuinely stoked on it.
one thing i learned from building a nice restored moped is that i prefer the "patina" of a rusty older vehicle. new is cool, but i like old.
mechanically, the truck is so sound that its stunning, and i can appreciate that.
lets go offroads!!!!!

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